The Burning of Gwylfryn

Centuries ago, just inside the Welsh border, existed a small village known as Gwylfryn.

In those days, folk didn’t have names, but used what they did and where they came from as their ‘name’.

One villager, Gwylfryn Hunterre, was the hunter. So proud a marksman was he, only one bird defied his arrows; the great and mystical Phoenix.

Determined to mark the final notch on his bow, he set off early one morning and spotted the fiery creature flying above the huts in the village.

The bird didn’t stand a chance. Hunterre’s aim was perfect. The bird fell from the sky like a rock and landed on one of the rooftops, causing it to burst into flames. The fire spread, and soon the whole village was alight.

The villagers scurried around, saving what they could, but most was destroyed, including Hunterre’s reputation who was renamed Gwylfryn Foolle, the village idiot.

Betelgeuse Bay

‘Last remaining observation hut!’ declared the advertising flyer. ‘Breath-taking views of the last moments of a star 642 light years away. Supernova imminent!’

Alex’s hand shook with excitement as he was about to sign on the dotted line and become the proud owner of one of these highly sought after glass-fronted wooden huts that circled the bay.

The pen almost touched the paper when he noticed not one, but two shadows stretching across the page.

“It’s started!” came a cry from outside. “It’s going ‘nova!”

Alex smiled at the seller.

“Looks like I won’t be needing the observation hut after all…”

The Superhero Diaries 3.8: Useless Knowledge

The Elite Force of Britain: a group of superheroes who joined together to solve one town’s problems, and decided to stick together for the greater good. Every once in a while, the EFB publish an update on their blog, which is available for others in the superhero community, which reveals some of the general information that they come across that may either be useful for all concerned, or poke fun at scandalous supervillain schemes. This is their post from last month.

The Elite Force of Britain aren’t the only super-powered team of individuals who have combined forces to work together through sheer strength in numbers. A group of super-powered supervillains have also banded themselves together to work together to come up with more and more cunning plans to eradicate their so-called ‘good do-gooders’ so they can have whatever they desire.

This team, the SVU, or Super-Villains United, have also joined forces with the despicable AMCE Corporation (which actually isn’t the Corporation’s real name as they use their own secret identity on all external correspondence).

This AMCE Corporation are attempting cloning, possibly combining 3D Printing with some form of alien technology they have ‘happened’ across… they aren’t very good at revealing their secrets – most of the time. However…

A passer-by discovered this page from a file in a skip just outside the SVU’s secret headquarters. No wonder the file was binned… what information is on there is mostly incorrect or known to the public anyway.

The Elite Force of Britain can reassure Britain and the rest of the world that there is currently no threat from AMCE’s cloning program, and if there was, the clones wouldn’t look or act anything like their original source anyway. They’d just look like people. Simple, everyday people. Possibly with a plastic complexion.

The Elite Force of Britain: Serving everyone right!

Passing this way

When, knowing how much I enjoy spending time in Blogland, will I be back more regularly?

Quite soon, as it happens, and I hope!

I’m kind of busy away from Blogland at this present moment in time, hence these quick question posts (just to keep my presence here… and my hand in, for that matter!), the lack of replies to your amazing comments (which I will address very soon and I apologise for leaving you all hanging and replyless) and my rather poor attendance record at your very own sites (I do squeeze in the occasional visit, but usual via mobile phone where comments are nigh on impossible. Sigh).

I will be back.

Thank you for visiting and bearing with me, the terrible blogger that I am.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I WILL see you soon!