…ah… now where was I?

Ah yes. Sorry about that little interlude!

I’d just got back into the Catacombs from Egypt – now there’s something I never thought I’d say – and I started to make my way back to the doorway to the Mansion when I noticed the area within the cave was lit up once again.

There was no indication as to where the light was coming from, yet only this part of the cave was illuminated fully… the rest of the cave was in very subdued light.

I thought that maybe there were a few fireflies knocking about. I don’t know if we even have fireflies in the UK, but now I wasn’t exactly sure where I was. Especially after coming across that new door.

This week, I’ve discovered an old wooden sign, three old postcards and a quick way into Egypt. Not bad going for a quick jaunt in the odd realm below the Mansion.

I walked back into one of the bigger caverns, away from the light, when I heard a noise behind me from the area where I’d just been.

Not a noise… a cough. And then a snigger.

I quickly turned around, with the sudden feeling that I hadn’t shut the door by the Sphinx properly, and someone had followed me into the Catacombs.

“You’ve closed it securely.” Said a voice.

Not aloud… in my head. Or so it seemed. How can you tell if a voice is in your head or not when you hear it surrounded by darkness? OK, there was a patch of light nearby which took the edge off the darkness somewhat… but the loud voice must have been in my head as there was nobody around.

And then, there was.

From the shadows, she emerged. It appeared she was creating the shadows as the light was emanating from her, but that is somewhat improbable. Not impossible, however, we are in the Catacombs, don’t forget. The Catacombs below the Mansion.

She spoke again. This time properly, not within my head.

“I’m Amazonia.” She introduced herself with a friendly smile. She must have been six foot tall if she was an inch, with broad, muscular shoulders. She was wearing a white loose-fitting frock, and a white band around her left arm.

Her piercing blue eyes shone brightly out of the shadow over her face that was caused by her red hair and the light she was apparently emitting.

“I’m” being polite, I went to introduce myself and she rather rudely lifted her left hand to stop me speaking.

“Hush” she said. “I know.” She smiled briefly, before continuing. “I’m here to let you know that I’m here. There are many of us. We’re all here. You’ll get to meet us and know us as time goes on. For now, all you need to know is we’re here. Take a photo of me with your mobile phone for proof.”

I did (posted above!) and in the instant it took me to take the photo she – and her light – had vanished.

The Catacombs were back to as they were originally. Dark and creepy.

I could hear the Lava River below. I decided to head back to the Mansion.

I did say that things around here are odd, didn’t I?

Can I now say that they seem to be a little odder? Or is that just me?

A Step Too Far?

This week, I’ve been exploring the spacious Catacombs that are found well beneath the Mansion. Not exploring in a scientific or discovery type of way, I must add, but just looking around.

There’s not really a lot to write about, all things considered, as the inside of one cave basically looks like the inside of another, once you’ve gotten used to the darkness, odours and eerie groans that pop up every now and again.

Yes, I’ve discovered an old sign pointing to the Catacombs that I somehow don’t think is connected to the Mansion… and I’ve found some random postcards from a couple of local areas that seem to have just ‘randomly’ blown in. The thing is, and I should really know this, things around here are far from random. Odd as that sounds. Random is the norm.

So. My search continued. I could hear the rumbling of the Lava River below which told me that perhaps the cave walls weren’t as thick in the area where I was, and it was for that reason why I thought nothing more of the strong breeze I could feel. The warm strong breeze at that.

Well… lava’s hot, so any wind that comes off it is likely to be warm, right?

I turned into another cave which was lit up from somewhere and ahead of me was a flight of stone steps. They climbed upwards into the distance… up into the top of the cave. I wondered if this was the other entrance to the Catacombs where the sign had come from.

I hadn’t wandered that far off the beaten track, so if I was where I thought I was, I’d have been somewhere under the Grinds… possibly over by the Lake.

Direction and perception is misleading when surrounded by rock and darkness, however.

I was happy to have found these steps, and decided to climb them,  just to see where they led.

There must have been a thousand of them. They seemed to go on and on. I am prone to exaggeration, but by the time I’d climbed to the top I felt as though I’d climbed a thousand. I sat and gasped for a good five minutes whilst I recovered from that ordeal, and then walked along a darkening and narrowing corridor, which also sloped upwards. When I reached the end, I found… yes, a door. A stone door this time. Well, a slab, actually, but it opened like a door when I pushed it. Well, leant on it and fell backwards, but the less said about that the better.

I wasn’t in Kansas anymore once I’d picked myself up, I can tell you!

Brilliant warm sunshine hit my face.

At least I’d discovered the source of the warm breeze, although at the time I didn’t give it a second thunk. I looked ahead and couldn’t believe my eyes.

This greeted me:

I’d only emerged from the cave in bloomin’ Egypt!

The Pyramids were just over there, and I could see Cairo. And people. Lots of people.

I decided to make a hasty retreat back into the corridor, closing the door behind me. Being in a foreign country isn’t the best idea, especially as one doesn’t have one’s passport with one.

I left Cairo where it was, and headed back down the steps into the Catacombs.

It was at the bottom of the steps where I found my next surprise…

The Mysterious Missing Monorail

I’m exploring the Catacombs below the Mansion this week.

I’m actually looking for the Jar and the Key to the door to the Canyon below, so far without success. I found an old sign the other day, which was strange, but not as strange as my latest find.

Three old postcards lying scattered but together.

One from Blackpool, one from Rhyl and the third from Skegness. Now, I’ve been to Blackpool and Rhyl on many occasion, but never to Skegness.

The images on the postcards are somewhat different to how the towns look today (speaking for Blackpool and Rhyl; I wouldn’t be knowing about Skegness, but presumably that would have changed with the times as well). Rhyl is shown to have a monorail, which I simply can not recollect.

I’ve had to do some research into this, and have found, through the wonders of the internet, that a monorail did, in fact, exist in Rhyl in the early 1980s. For a few weeks anyway, until the company went bust.

I mustn’t have visited Rhyl during that time for I have never seen even the track, let alone the train itself, which I presume would have to have been in place for quite some time.

I must walk around with my eyes closed for most of the time. Or looking in the wrong direction, anyway.

I wonder what else I’ve missed as I wandered aimlessly through countless days?

Secrets Below

I’ve been wandering around the Catacombs, basically looking for the Jar that holds the Key to the World Below.

The name Catacombs is an odd one for these voluminous caverns that exist below the Mansion. They aren’t man-made, for one, which is basically what a catacomb is… a man-made subterranean passageway for religious practises, or for a burial site. There isn’t any sign of this type of activity taking place down there, anyway. And the sign that used to hang on the Cellar door that said ‘This way to the Catacombs’ gave no indication of this either.

Besides, the Catacombs look like large caves. Large holes underground, actually, with the largest (and warmest!) hole being beneath the lot.

The fact that the Catacombs aren’t man-made is obvious; however there’s nothing to say that they weren’t Mansion-made. And if the Mansion wants them to be called the Catacombs, as per the old sign, who am I to argue?

I haven’t found the Jar yet, but I did find another old sign that read, ominously, ‘This way to the Catacombs’… which makes me think that there is more than one way into them.

Another Cellar perhaps? It isn’t entirely unlikely that the Mansion has kept this hidden, what with its track record…

Doors Behind Doors

You can’t really see it in the above picture, but the window to the right, behind the mini, is the Vestibule. I have no idea who both of those cars belong to, people just park them here and go off doing peoply (should that be peopley?) things. They may belong to the staff, but as I never see them, I wouldn’t be knowing that anyway.

However, I digress.

The Vestibule is a strange place within the Mansion. Considering just how strange the Mansion is in itself, one would suppose that would go without saying. But, it’s true nonetheless. The Vestibule contains another doorway; one to an entirely different world.

Yes, it leads to the Cellar, which isn’t the different world I was referring to. The Cellar has a door, way out back, that leads to an old stone stairwell. This stairwell goes down, eventually reaching the Mystical Catacombs below. There are a few other layers in between, which are still begging to be explored, and maybe, one day I’ll do just that.

Anyway, the Catacombs: Within these Catacombs, yes, you’ve guessed it, there is another door. An old wooden one, with a shelf outside. On this shelf used to stand a jar, and within this jar was a key. The Key. The Key to the door to the world beyond.

It’s a hot place beyond that door. Not pleasantly hot, either. Steamingly stickily hot in fact. There’s a lava river that runs beneath the Mansion, you see. Way beneath, obviously. Way down at the bottom of a canyon so grand that would have been its name had the other one not already existed. This canyon is illuminated by the redness of the molten fiery gloopy flow below, which seems to cascade over a slow moving lavafall, which may or may not be located underneath the mini… distance and locations go completely out of the window when in the Canyon.

I’ve only been down there once, and once was enough.

Strange creatures dwell down there. It has its own weather system, with winds that howl as though they are possessed by some kind of evil entity. The lava flow groans and mumbles as it pops and bubbles and gurgles along its slow journey, from and to wherever. And there’s a hint of sulphur in the air. Just a tad.

The odd thing about all of this: The Mansion is built on top of this Canyon. Obviously, the Canyon is just another large Catacomb, all things considered, which have the thick rocky ceilings that cover them that provide the support that is needed for things to be built on top, but it’s still a big hole.

All of this lies behind the door in the Catacombs, that’s behind the door in the Cellar, that’s behind the door in the Vestibule, that’s just behind the front door to the Mansion. Goes to show that there really can be a lot more going on just beneath the surface…

The Superhero Diaries 3.6: Soopaburgah!

The Elite Force of Britain. A group of superheroes united in a common cause that unites them. However, at present that unity hangs in the balance as some of the team have been catapulted into a different time zone. And not only that… a greasy spoon burger van has pulled up outside their top secret headquarters and is cashing in on their good name(s).

Could one go as far as saying that not only their prices are criminal? Here’s a menu they surreptitiously left lying around…

The Superhero Diaries 3.5: When Again?

The Elite Force of Britain, a team of heroes who banded themselves together to protect a city from a group of underhanded businessmen who wanted to own the city for their own dastardly deeds. The businessmen dealt with, the superheroes decided to stick together, and call upon each other in times of need to look after more national interests. Recently, some of the team have been catapulted into a completely different timeline, and have been trying to make contact with their correct time so they can return home. Using the immense power of social media site UMetroNetworkMediaK they have managed to do just that. Here, as boring and mundane as it is, is their conversation in full.

Is anyone on-line?
I am, Lycra. Where’ve you all been? It’s as though you’ve vanished off the face of the Earth
In a way we have, Parrots. After our jaunt back to the 1920s we’ve now ended up in tomorrow. Literally tomorrow.
How do you know? Surely it’s still today for you…
The Firetop:
Captain Mindstorm is one of the superheroes in this future timeline, PG, and he told us. And showed us.
He was the one who managed to communicate with the Psychic Recorder, for all the good that did.
The Firetop:
At least he’s managed to configure the chronal interface on this UMetroNetworkMediaK stream
True. And this seems to be working better. Are any of the EFB available yesterday.
The Firetop:
Nobody will believe that we’re speaking from tomorrow. It’s just ludicrous.
We’ve experienced weirder things. Remember that time when our heads had been turned upside down? Ha ha.
Sorry to poop the party people, but we’ll have to skip the trip down memory lane until we can get ourselves back into the past. PG – can you page the EFB?
Or phone them. It’s strange that out of all of the EFB members, the only ones on-line are three of the four trapped in the future. It’s looking more like a conspiracy.
Muriel Magnificent:
No conspiracy, Lycralad… you’ve managed to get through to 2.45am and everyone’s as;eep. I only got up for some milk and nothiced the stream is active
2.45am today? Or yesterday? It must be yesterday, if it was today we wouldn’t need rescuing.
Muriel Magnificent:
It’s today here. Actually tomorrow, thinking about it. But our tomorrow – not yours. I’ll call a meeting with the other members and see if we can come up with a rescue plan for you.
Thanks, Muriel. It’s OK being in the future, but weird. We’re in the same room as you, but not. We’re like ghosts crossing over each other. Really odd feeling
The Firetop:
PG, are you still on line?
I am, but something weird’s happening to my stream. My avatar’s changed, and the text is pulsating. Ive never seen anything like it
Muriel Magnificent:
The same things happening here, My avatar has reverted back to the first one I used. And the int
image Muriel Magnificent:
erface has reverted back to the old one as well. I always hates how it split the comments up into seg

Muriel Magnificent:

ments. My avatr’s completely vanished now.
Mine too. Text is back to normal though. Lycra… Firetop… Betty… are you all still there?
It looks like they’ve gone.
Muriel Magnificent:
I’ll get everyone up and call a meeting. It looks as though tomorrow we’ll be heading into tomo