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Valentine’s Day set to move

Talks are taking place with the board of the International Allocation and Reallocation of Important and Strategic Dates Consortium (IRIS, previously known as ROSE: the Reallocation Of Some Events group, and before that HYACINTH: Ha! Yet Another Card Initiative Now Thought Historic) for the date of St Valentine’s Day to be moved.

St Valentine of Rome, to give the saint his full name, has always been celebrated on February 14th, the traditional day of St Valentine’s. This seems to make sense, and seems to have always been the case.

However, things are not as they seem.

Knowledge of St Valentine is sketchy at best. He’s been written out of some church traditions, yet kept in others. Since the Middle Ages, the saint has been associated with love and courtship, on and around February 14th, however some people are now saying the actual date should be July 23rd.

Another confusing thing is, given the fact that Valentine was a Roman, theories are emerging that February was actually created just for the fourteenth. During Roman times, January and February never existed until they were introduced into the calendar. Before then, there was a gap, a void, between December and March.

Here’s an image of part of an early Roman calendar:

This year, 2016, February has 29 days, as it’s a Leap Year, and the extra day is needed to keep things in check with the orbit of the Sun. IRIS initially considered moving Valentine’s Day to February 29th but have since changed their minds, and are now looking for a date currently outside of February completely: February 32nd.

IRIS advise that, unlike the early Roman calendars, this date isn’t set in stone, and the talks are ongoing. They are also state that they are considering moving February 29th to April, and June 1st to October.

Exactly when these changes will take place is to be determined. When the consortium used the name ROSE, they discussed the removal of the letter Z from the alphabet, but that is currently still in use.

More will be reported on these changes as and when they become available.

This has been a Beyond the Sphere special report.

Aphorodíta of Phoenicia

Cast in marble
Watches through the years

For Phoenicia,
Her land to reappear

One Phoenician,
Her Phoenician,
She waits for too

But cast in marble
She waits forever
For that’s
All she can do.

Behind the marble
The story’s different,

They live on
Forever more

Even in the Underworld,
even if for half the time,
And even after death by wild boar

Legends last as statues do
Throughout the tests of time

And Aphrodite and Adonis
Seem a fit for Valentine’s…

Sticky Fingers

Valnetine’s, by Fnigers

Valnetine’s is a snigleton’s curse
Love dup couples
Some on ostyers, worse
Sharing glanecs arc oss a crowsed room
Candlelihgt banshing away the gloom
Table for one with prics for two
And they only serve copules tir a meesoo
Herat shaped steaks
And fanyc cakes
With showoof couples
On expnesive dates
Feeding each other ices cram
Without a spon
Then left with sticky fnigers
Groan. Too much too soon.

And here’s the version in English (for those who can’t read Fingers’ expert typing) (Fingers is my Inner Typist, by the way) (and formatted into a love-heart):

Valentine’s is a        singleton’s curse
Loved up couples – some on oysters (worse!)
Sharing glances across a crowded room
With candlelight banishing away the gloom.
Table for one with prices for two
and they only serve couples
Heart-shaped steaks
And fancy cakes
With show-off couples on expensive dates
feeding each other ice cream – without a spoon
Then left with sticky fingers…
Too much.
Too soon.

Just Being Tomanova


I’m Tomanova.

I’m sitting here, well, reclining actually, in my chaise longue. I don’t need to do anything else. I just sit here and be.

I ooze.

I drape.

I put the oo in swoon. Well, you do when in my presence, truth be told. I pretend not to notice. Please try to control yourself.

I know, I know.

Such magnificence in a perfect package. Is it any wonder I tend to say not a lot…?

Words don’t come easy to me anyway.

I use actions. And aloofness.

More so aloofness nowadays. Actions tend to be me sitting or reclining here in a chaise longue. I’ve still got it.

Back in the day, though, there would have been enchanting moonlight and milk and plain chocolates and soft music, rooms bedecked with candlelight, de-thorned roses and scented rose petals, fresh, chilled strawberries and the sparkliest of champagnes (decanted, of course), and a roaring open fire in a stone fireplace. And an indoor picnic on a gingham floor mat. Oh yes. With vol-au-vents. And speaking French.

Oh, oui.

Er, je pense que oui, anyway… if I said it right.

The accent is all it takes. And the champagne. Please. You’re swooning again.

And the right kind of lighting helps as well sometimes.

Now, please. Be gone.

I must recline.

*** ***

I think we’ve just been dismissed by my Inner Romantic. Although reading that, I think he needs a new job title. And they say romance is dead…!

Yet another post linking to my theme for February. One would have done, it must be said.

Miss McRee’s Permanently Single


Confidential memo to all staff

Numbers are down, people.
All the single people seem to be going somewhere else. We need them on our books. How can we make sure that they remain single if they go to other agencies? We need their funds, people.
When numbers are down our funds are down. When funds are down, profits are down. When profits are down, we have to scale down our wonderful lifestyles.

We can’t have that.

I can’t have that. I’ve already given up the beach villa and that is all I’m prepared to do.

Get those single people back on the books, get them paying monthly, get them meeting all the wrong types, keep them single.

But importantly, keep them happy.

Give them a free week. Show them we care.

The new flyers with the increased prices will be printed next week. We also need to recover the cost of printing the new range of cards, and the black roses.

And don’t forget I’ll be away on holiday for two months from February 5th.

If this agency fails, it will be down to you.

Happy Valentine’s.

Miss McRee.

Memo ends.

Something tells me that Miss McRee isn’t particularly keen on this time of the year. I really don’t know why…

And they say romance is dead

Old Mal creaked and groaned as he leant forward in his dusty old chair. He was bent completely double with his arm out-stretched as far as he could, but he still couldn’t reach it.

He muttered something inaudible.

“What’s that you say?” Ornelle, his wife, glanced up and over at him from her dusty chair. “Oh – what are you doing? Let me help you.”

She dragged herself up out of the chair and across the candle-lit room. She first pulled up and straightened out Old Mal. Then, she picked up his hand from the floor, which was still clutching a single wilted rose. If it wasn’t bits of him falling off, it was bits of her. It was something they were both used to after becoming undead several and then some years before.

“I wanted to surprise you.” Old Mal said, sheepishly.

“After five hundred years of you doing the same thing,” Ornelle reattached Mal’s hand, “You’d think you’d know by now that I don’t like roses.”


It’s February 1st. White Rabbits!
And this is my post for my new Monthly theme.  I’m starting early.

The Superhero Diaries: Special: Come the Heroes

I haven’t posted about the Elite Force of Britain for a while, but they are still there, working hard at being superheroes. Over on Splodge and Splatter, I posted the original to the above image yesterday, but just thought I’d post a quick who’s who.

It’s only about ten years too late – and not all the whos are there, but that’s their fault for not being involved in the above mission (whichever one that was – mind you, they are all top secret!)

The fourth series of posts involving the EFB and their associates will be along later in the year, although possibly on a different channel. All three current series are still available in the Storylines menu.

And that’s it for now. As the header may currently indicate, the blog is being handed over into the realms of Valentine for the next few weeks.

Eek! I tell you. Eek!