What is reality?

Is reality what is, or what you believe?

If you believe your reality is real, is it?

If what it is is, then can it also be – or is it also – what you believe it to be?

Do you believe your reality is what it is?

If belief is the key to reality, then if what you see differs from what you believe, which is true?

If what is is real, then you must believe it so, yes?

If you don’t believe what you see is real, then how can you see what you don’t believe?

Are there, then, two realities – the one you see and the one that you believe?

If the one that is is the only reality, then where does belief fit in?


There we go. Ten questions that kept me awake last night. Going around and around in my head they were. Granted, I was on the cold side of the Mansion, and couldn’t sleep anyway, but even so.

We can change our lives, and therefore our realities, simply by believing in what we can do. If we believe we can take the right steps to make our lives better for ourselves, then we can do it. It’s like I said yesterday when I was describing flying… it’s to do with intention and will power.

And belief.

Mind you, that said, I’m not really qualified to speak – erm, write –  about reality. I spend about a third of my time someplace else, a third working, and a third asleep. And even in the latter two I’m not quite here most of the time either. Wherever ‘here’ is…


It’s now December – the month of Christmas – can you believe that? White Doves – erm, Rabbits – by the way. White rabbits are the choice of many a magician to be plucked out of a top hat; white doves out of inside pockets.

Let’s believe in the magic that this time of year brings. That, and what the dove symbolises: peace.

I believe.

Do you?

In-flight Selfie

The Selfie is something I’m not very good at, although I do like to get a little practice in every now and then.

After the recent snowstorm that left the Mansion looking like a Winter Wonderland and gave me the urge to get flying again, last night was clear. Perfect flying opportunity!

I climbed onto the roof of the Mansion, being careful not to slip on the remaining patches of snow that were there. I stood on the edge of the rooftop, and looked upwards.

One must never jump when flying – that isn’t how it works. You just breathe and lift. You get a slight rush as you feel gravity lose its grip, then even more of a rush as you soar upwards.

Even on the calmest of days you get to feel the strong wind forcing against you, it is most exhilarating, but it does play havoc with one’s hair. And the higher you get, the stronger the wind gets.

Last night, I went to the very edge.

Right up there, right by the edge of space.

I turned away from the peaceful-looking world below, and looked out into the vastness of the Universe.

Dare I do it? I thought. I had my mobile phone with me in my pocket. When I’m high up, I get an irrational fear that I will drop whatever I’m holding – usually a camera or a mobile phone, but I get the same fear if I’m carrying a book. It’s all very odd.

I threw caution to the wind and reached into my pocket for my mobile phone. Gripping it like nobody’s business, I activated the camera and took the photo above. You can just about make out the curve of the Earth at the bottom of the photo there, below the developing severe flick. And just look at the Aurora! That was a surprise, I don’t mind telling you.

After taking the photo, I couldn’t bear the feeling I was about to drop the phone, so I swiftly put it back into my pocket.

It’s amazing how quickly the Earth spins. I turned back towards the planet, after ensuring my mobile was secure, and noticed I was hovering above Canada. It’s so easy to make out the coastlines from up there.

Earlier, I mentioned that one must never jump when flying – and this is one of the reasons why. When hovering, there is nothing to jump from… you are literally surrounded by air (and the odd cloud occasionally). You just breathe, and allow yourself to move in whatever direction you want to go in. It’s all to do with intention and will-power. You will yourself forward… or backward.

It wasn’t long before I’d willed myself back to the Mansion.

I think I’ll have a rest from flying for now, though. Two consecutive nights is not going to help my hair any. Unless I get a haircut, that is.

If only I can will myself the time to do that…

Night Snow Flight Sight

I went for a quick fly around last night, as you do in the snow when it’s coming down thick and fast. I managed to grab a quick photo on my mobile phone of the Mansion, in complete darkness apart from a couple of lights here and there, and the rooftop lit up by the sudden appearance of the Moon.

I think it was the Moon, anyway. It was hard to tell through all of the snow.

It wasn’t the flash on my mobile phone that illuminated things though – that much I’m sure. The flash didn’t go off, and the roof looked like that anyway, even before I took the photo.

I didn’t hang around for too long however, it was very damp up there with all of that snow, and rain and snow play havoc with my hair… as if that needs an excuse.

When I returned to the Mansion, I quickly checked myself out in the Mirror in the Bathroom.

Ye Gods! What a sight that was!

I took a photo of that also… but I shall spare you that little gem… for now!

View from the window: Back!


Things have changed here at the Mansion. I’ve had new windows fitted throughout (well, as throughout as possible within this ever-changing Mansion of mine!)

We’ve had a slight dusting of snow, so I’ve been out in the Grinds trying to push it out of the way – although it’ll be all gone by tomorrow, apparently.

That was what the ‘Oooh!’ was for at the beginning – as in oooh, me back!

And, I am back in Blogland as well… back from my extended break, and back for December.

I’ve already put the Christmas decorations up here on the blog; I’ve gone for a kind of chrome feel this time. Is it me, or has Christmas started early this year? I’ve seen many shops and houses already decorated, hence my decision to ‘do’ the blog. At least it’s now ready for December, at least.

Here’s a quick snap of the Grinds at the back of the Mansion, taken earlier this evening through one of the new windows:

As you can see, the snow has started to settle once again.

I’m going to put my feet up now. I shall get around to visiting blogs once again in due course… and I mustn’t forget to reply to all of the comments left before my little break away.

I shall see you soon.

Remember… Feel Good!

Remember. We’re Good People. Most of us.

The world’s going crazy. We’re caught up in some kind of flux. Retaliation and anger is everywhere. There will NEVER be peace on this planet as long as people live on it.

Or will there?

Being honest, my thoughts mean nothing. They reach a small handful of the world’s population. They will never reach the ones blind to receiving them and if they do, they’ll be forgotten about in a micro-second.

I sometimes wonder why should I even bother posting… but I do because I enjoy it, and miss it when I don’t.

That said, I wish you all well.

I’m taking an extended break away from blogging. Real life needs me… and I think, I need it.

Hopefully, I’ll see you when I return.

Remember. We’re good people.

The Caipora, the Ciguapa and the Kalonoro

In South America, particularly Brazil, legends talk of the Caipora. A mythical being that is very mischievous, it sometimes becomes part fox and part human, and can have a large black mane.

Folklore tells of the way the Caipora defend the jungle by causing all kinds of problems to those who show disrespect to the forest. Whether they damage trees or hunt animals, the Caipora will, in one way or another, make the person responsible pay for their actions. The hunter may get separated from others in the group and become lost, or they may find their used traps have caught nothing. The Caipora spirits also appear to wanderers, travellers, even holidaymakers, who may experience a ‘haunted’ feel whenever the spirit is around. It is also said that the Caipora’s feet face backwards to confuse anyone who may feel particularly brave and want to track them. They do, however, look favourably upon those who look after the forest and all the animals within.

In another part of the world, Madagascar this time, a legend exists there also. Another with backward-facing feet, these spirits are known as the Kalonoro, or Wild Men.

The Kalonoro have a very strange appearance. They are short, have big, glowing eyes, and very long beards. They too haunt hunter’s campfires, but instead of being intent on causing mischief like the Caipora, the Kalonoro just want to spread fear. And by all accounts, they do it very well.

And in the Dominican Republic, another legend of folk with backward-facing feet exists. Woman-like this time, with brown or dark blue skin and very long black manes. These women are usually naked, but wear their hair in such a way that their bodies are covered. They are known as the Ciguapa and they live high up in the mountains.

The Ciguapa seem duplicitous. Stunningly beautiful to some, hideously ugly to others. Like the Caipora, they cause confusion with their backward facing footprints, and one must never, ever look one in the eye. Doom to the beholder, it is said. Apparently. They are magical creatures, and have some kind of link to the mermaid, although they are land-living. They enchant their victims, have their, ahem, wicked way, and then, presumably after the victim has looked them in the eye, well, bring doom to the beholder… permanently.

Legends of creatures dotted around the world, all with backward feet. The Caipora, the Ciguapa and the Kalonoro. Spreading mischief, murder and fear.

Mischief, murder and fear. Sometimes, the basis of legends in themselves.    

Dyfed’s Prince Pwyll

Hundreds of years ago, perhaps in the realms of mythology or perhaps not, in an England where magical swords and dragons and wizards and round tables existed, there was also then as there is now, an Otherworld. Many of them, actually, depending on where upon this wonderful world one lived.

In one kingdom, that Otherworld was called Annwyfn. The kingdom in question is Dyfed, which is now in Wales.

According to legend, Annwyfn was a part of Dyfed, although both places were ruled by different people. Arawn was one the kings of Annwyfn and Pwyll, the Prince of Dyfed.

Whilst out hunting, Pwyll became separated from the rest of his party and stumbled across a pack of white dogs feeding on a stag. He sends the dogs away, and allows his own dogs to feed on the stag.

As with legends, there is always a twist.

The white dogs belonged to Arawn, who was infuriated by Pwyll’s actions. As punishment, Pwyll agreed to change places with Arawn, for one whole year and a day. Arawn became Pwyll and ruled Dyfed, and Pwyll became Arawn and ruled Annwyfn.

Hafgan was the other king of Annwyfn, who wanted to rule the Otherworld by himself. At the end of the year, Hafgan and Pwyll (in the guise of Arawn) fought, with Hafgan defeated, making Arawn the overall ruler of Annwyfn.

After the fight, Arawn and Pwyll changed places again, and Arawn made Pwyll head of Annwyfn.

The magic and mysticism continued over the years, stories of which shall have to wait for another day. Pwyll met and married Rhiannon, and they had a son, who would become king and hero, Pryderi. Pryderi, by some accounts, is also Sir Perceval de Galles… you know: Sir Percival, one of the Knights of Arthur’s Round Table.

The Secret People

Take a good, long, hard look at yourself.

Not a critical one, but an honest one. Consider, but don’t dwell on, those aspects of you that you aren’t particularly pleased with. Are you too thin? Perhaps you’d like to be more muscular. Perhaps you have a phobia that prevents you from doing something. Or maybe there’s a certain personality trait that you would love to have, but can’t seem to get yourself out of the constraints of your current traits to change yourself. It may be a habit you want to break, but can’t. Or you have a particularly big nose, or unsightly mole. Or, heavens forbid, wild, untamed hair.

Like I say, look but don’t dwell.

Did you know that some people have mirror-image selves that are positively beautiful? All of the desired qualities are prominent in these secret people. And they number many… but only if you live in Iceland.

These hidden folk are known as Huldufólk (hidden folk – see?), and wear clothes that help to camouflage them against the rocks in where they live. Icelandic legends and folklore have it that these folk are similar to, but different from, faeries and elves; and they love the good life. They party particularly well over the Christmas and New Year period, and move to a new home at Midsummer. Legend also warns not to be seduced by the Huldufólk’s generous offers, should you ever actually come across one, but be prepared for the greatest rewards should you decline whatever they offer. 

Those Icelanders that tell the tales of these elves, it is said, are actually telling the tale of their better sides, of a life that is near perfect; they are living the life of their dreams through their tales of the Huldufólk.

Belief is key.

Those good qualities are within, regardless of how we see ourselves.