Little Changes

I’ve altered the look of the blog slightly. There would have been more alterations, only getting these changes to take was a complete and utter palaver. I have a feeling the time-and-time-again connection issue has reared its ugly head once again. It took me literally five million, eight hundred and thirty seven and a half attempts to adjust the header. The half attempt was when I gave up and opted for a logo instead, but I thought I’d try once more… and guess what! The tweak finally took. Nothing like an easy job when a hard one can take its place, is there?

I don’t know whether the issues are related to the WordPress platform or an update to Windows 10, although it may be somewhere in between. The last time I tried to contact WordPress regarding the issues, I couldn’t get onto the forums, so this time around I will not even try. If there was a connection issue, with all the times its occurred now, you’d hope it would have been spotted and sorted, wouldn’t you?

So. Issues mean no pictures. Issues also may mean another week without a Sound of Summer post, but we’ll have to see about that. It may be miraculously resolved within the next few minutes. Even with a blocked nose I won’t be holding my breath.

Here’s a Totally Silly Limerick to sum up the experience:

My blog has gone from black to white
And it truly is a different sight
But there are hitches
Can’t upload pictures
And that gives me a dreadful fright!

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Minor annoyances can cause major woes if we let them!

This post is posted in connection with my Monthly Theme …it’s the little things… May is coming to an end, but if you’d like to take part and post your own post based on the theme, should you feel an overwhelming compulsion to do so, this link will take you to the page with all the details.

The slightly word-heavy not-so-heavy blog post

This is the place where the extraordinary happens
Not spectacular, but ordinary with a little extra zing,
This is the place where the rain falls
It just does – that’s no special thing
This is the place where the days are long
Or should be, time permitting
And this is the place where I escape to
A place where I am lord, master and king

This is the place where imagination rules
Mundane, silly and somewhat strange
This is the place where the wind blows
Softly or strong – it’s easy to gauge
This is the place where all animals roam
Freely, not restricted by chain or cage
And this is the place I dream of
And hope to do so at a very old age

This is the place where thoughts grow
Arms and legs by the dozen or more
This is the place where the sun shines
Bright and warm – sometimes hot, I’m sure
This is the place where art is unique
Or weird, or wrong, or quirky, or…
And this is the place that always changes
Well, perhaps maybe once or twice before

This is the place where I tap into different worlds
Some similar, some not, some exactly like here
This is the place where the sky’s blue
Or grey, or black, or cloudy or clear
This is the place that has a monthly theme
With an intention to generate good cheer
And this is the place where I like to write
Whilst trying to look Beyond the Sphere

I just thought I’d try and sum up exactly what this blog is all about, and realised I couldn’t do it. Succinctly. I couldn’t do it succinctly.

If you’re new here – hello, and welcome, you may think you’ve entered an utterly weird place. Those who have been visiting for ages know that this place is weird, but I am always pleased to see them return. As and when, as I always say, is fine with me. Good to see you again, by the way.

You may have heard of the Mansion. That’s this place. We’re all part of the Mansion in one way or another. The Mansion stands in the Grinds. The Grinds reach far beyond the barriers of imagination (as does the Mansion, actually, on an all together different scale, hence the reason you may feel this place is slightly weird) and feed into my mind, giving me images and trains of thought that I convert into blog posts. Sometimes those feeds just bring in darkness, and that’s when Blogger’s Block kicks in, and I reach for the paintbrushes, stylus or PowerPoint.

I like weird. I like random. I like creativity and being creative. I also like pizza, but I’ve forbidden myself from eating it until I’m less rotund and feel like I’m flying when I walk, as opposed to feeling as though I’m being crushed by the forces of gravity.

I currently flit between dimensions. As time is against me, as I’m taking non-drowsy anti-histamines that have the opposite effect so I could fall asleep standing up, I actually do feel like I’m flying when I walk whilst at the same time being dragged down. I don’t like feeling heavy. I like feeling light. I like the light.

The weirdness around here isn’t heavy. It fades. It comes and goes depending on just what train of thought the Grinds have fed me, or where the Mansion has taken me, or what colour paint I have left, or how my hair looks, or what animal has caught my eye for a photograph, or what cheerful song I choose for my Sound of Summer, or what words crop up in the Sunday Wordle, or what limerick I feel like writing, or what 5-7-5 combination of words I can put together, or where my mind takes me around Mount Olympus, or which character demands I share the next part of their story. That’s how my mind works. Always looking for something different, yet trying to keep within the boundaries of all this vast nonsense. I like nonsense as well.

Life can get heavy. We all need an escape from time to time. I hope the madness here brings a smile at least, or a spark of inspiration to go and create or do something better than what appears here.

All posts and creations are intended to bring on a ‘Feel Good’ vibe – whether it be from a photo of a cute critter, or a terrible painting which causes one to think ‘I can do far better than that’ (go ahead and do it, if you think that, by the way!) or one of my ‘woe is me’ posts – which I include so that the reader thinks ‘ooo, I’m glad that hasn’t happened (or didn’t / shouldn’t / wouldn’t) to me’ – I don’t mind you thinking that. This place is all about Feeling Good.

This is a Surreal Reality zone. Sometimes surreal. Sometimes real. And sometimes, there may even be a good blog post. But don’t tell anyone! Secrets are good as well.

Here’s to Feeling Good! And here’s another photo of some cute critters (well, it has to be done!):

The Little One

I was meandering around The Grinds yesterday, when from under the Rockery this chap or chappess appeared. Eager to be photographed (he or she must have known I carried my mobile phone with me!) the cute little critter bobbed in and out of the little hideaway, posing long enough for me to take two quick snaps. And then he/she was gone. Hightailed – erm – lowtailed it out of there as fast as his or her legs would go.    

It’s the little things we need to look out for as well as the big… there’s always a surprise!

True Wolf

Through pathways darkened after the setting of the Sun, they carefully padded along. Always safe within their lairs, the outside always brought with it a risk. Would they be seen? Would they be hunted?

They themselves were hunters. They much preferred this than being hunted. They stayed in packs, until the time of the hunt was upon them, and then it was each to their own. They shared their prey once captured, but it’s always better to have more to go around, and it is always better to hunt individually. No chance they’d get into each other’s way.

Prey spotted the group began to separate.

Human. Quite podgy. They weren’t fussy. They needed to feed.

The large wolf smelt the air in anticipation. The human didn’t know they were there.

Well, this human didn’t. 

Fortunately, the scout spotted the second human, and howled a warning. A warning that meant ‘gun’. Previously being human themselves, these wolves knew the dangers associated with these things.

Especially on nights like tonight; nights when the Moon is Full.


Lilac skies and scattered starlight belie the time of day, reflected correctly from within the Pond of Paradise, at the edge of Elsewhere. Elephants trumpet alongside a kookaburra’s call, an owl flies overhead and a snow leopard patrols the realm with stealth. On the far bank a willow weeps with joy as a rainbow appears like a bridge over the leprechaun’s fountain. Lavender scent fills the air, brought in with the gentle breeze from the Eternal Meadow. From the wooden house with the veranda that overlooks the pond, harp music can be heard through an open window, which also sends out another scent, this time of freshly baked bread. From beneath the still surface of the water, a dolphin appears. All is calm. All is well. After all, this is Elsewhere. The place where dreams come from. The place we visit every time we sleep… if only we could remember.

Almost Perpetual


I took myself off to the Laboratory earlier today, to try to create something that would give just a little extra time. Well, you never know, it may have worked.

I’ve had some experience of quantum mechanics so thought I’d start off by adding an extra second to a minute. It may not seem like much, but over time it becomes a huge amount. I don’t want to go into details about the experiment – it failed anyway. In fact, I actually managed to shave off part of a minute. Oops. I filmed the clock’s pendulum and if you look closely, you can see the ‘jump’… it jumps on every other anti-clockwise rotation. Sigh.

I’ve managed to put things back as they were, however. I know better than to mess with ti

Wordle: Blank Canvas

With brush in hand and an itch to create
A willing desire to stand ‘til late
Imagination filled with a sense of fire
Scenes spring up within the mind’s eye
Hours to be lost into the nights
The finished image clearly in sight.
Now, though, the mission is yet to begin
So pay attention when the starting bell rings
As colours gloss over the white space before
Keep on track as the canvas is blank no more

Whizzy Whizzy I’m Still Busy!

Still trying to slow down time!

Beyond the Sphere’s search for The Sound of Summer! is taking a little break this week, otherwise the search will be over before Summer arrives and everything will be a distant memory. I can’t believe that even though time is flying by at such immense speeds, I still manage to find time to think ahead, speeding time up even more in effect! Sigh.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I’m starting a new feature today, ‘Six Word Saturday’. The button above will take you to Cate’s site, who is the creator of this brainchild, should you wish to have a go yourself.

Right… I’m being pulled back into the vortex again! See you next time when I come up for air! You never know, it may even be on your blog! Here’s hoping!


The Little ‘Uns

Out for a stroll around the Lake at lunchtime (no nightmare is going to hold me back!) as I needed to stretch my legs, I saw these little chaps and chappesses exploring their surroundings. I didn’t want to get too close, as I didn’t want to frighten the poor little blighters. The little ‘uns wouldn’t stay still for a second for me to get any kind of decent photo of them with my mobile phone, but sometimes, action shots work better, wouldn’t you say? Well, that’s what I’m saying, anyway!

Dark Water

Midnight echoes fade
Replaced by distant whispers
Softened by the Lake

Uneasy noises…
Ripples from the other side?
Or something closer?

A growl then a shriek
And then an eerie silence
Dark thoughts flooding in

Two questions remain
To walk ahead or go back?
The Lake gives no clue

One sound shows the way
A cold whisper in the ear
‘I’m standing right here’

Twigs crack as I flee
Mocking laughter all around
As I trip and fall

Icy hands grab me
Pull me toward the water…
Screaming, I awake.