One Minute Ramble: Nature in close-up

I was wondering what to post today, when I noticed this chap perched without a care in the world on top of the iron gate. Aha! I thought… a nature-photo post:

He must be a celebrity ladybird as he turned to face the camera – well, mobile phone – once he realised what I was doing:

His expression seems to say “Can’t I have a moment’s peace?”:

I took one more photo of him, for good measure, as he seemed to want to have a photo taken from every side, and I then left him be:

And then I turned my lens’ attention to a dandelion:

Which actually proved quite difficult to photograph on a windy Sunday afternoon:

But I managed a few good shots. In my mind, anyway!

Earlier, I tried to take an action shot of a bee gathering nectar. I managed this:

The bee was zipping about like nobody’s business, so it was lucky that I managed this shot!

I think sometimes it’s worthwhile stopping and looking at the little things. They may well be small, but they can just be as inspiring and awesome as their larger counterparts.

They helped toward me Feeling Good today, which is always a good thing.

Through a slightly different Window

Well, that’s a funny how do you do.

I didn’t have time to post anything yesterday, but by all accounts I did.

As well as sniffling and snuffling, sneezing and wheezing and generally putting my feet up after wiping my eyes, I tried to contact my Inner Psychic Medium.

I presumed I must have one, and considering quite a few of my Inner Aspects once again made themselves known to me this week , I thought I’d have a go at making contact.

Normally, it works the other way around, and (like my characters in the tales I write) the ‘Inners’ make contact with me first.

I thought I’d have a little play with my Inner Psychic Medium and ask them to knock if they could hear me, once for yes and twice for no. But every question I asked came back with nothing. I can’t say silence, due to the fact I had a throbbing head and the throbbing had a sound all of its own that resonated throughout my whole being.

At one point, I toyed with idea of using one of those ‘psychic boards’, the ones with the letters around, to see if I could make contact that way… but those boards frighten me. I don’t trust them, and I don’t fancy bringing any unwanted evil spirits into this world. We have enough evil people here anyway, without adding to the number. So, I scrapped that idea.

At the end of my uneventful night, I retired to bed and slept through until 11:30am.


After getting myself ready, by which time was mid-afternoon, I had a quick task of upgrading a laptop to Windows 10 as it was ready. I say quick, but it took about two and a half hours to fully upgrade.

Towards the end of the upgrade, this screen appeared:

The tiny ‘I’m not Tom’ at the bottom of the screen made me chuckle, and think ‘if I’m not, then who am I?’ And then I thought that this could have been the way how my Inner Psychic Medium was trying to communicate to me, through Windows 10.


I was kept informed throughout the process.

I wondered what they could possibly be doing.

I like to think of myself as being quite patient, but the screen was pulsating between dark blue and a brighter blue making me feel less than patient. And then, this message appeared:

And then, eventually, I was in. Back up and running.

I went straight to the blog, thinking it may look a little different in Windows 10. It didn’t, but then I noticed the post from yesterday.

Which made me think ‘well, that’s a funny how do you do.’ Especially as I realised that my Inner Psychic Medium can’t communicate with me directly through me, but they can through the wonderful power of technology. I’ll have to develop that further.

Not the power of technology, but the communication channels.

I’m not very good with technology.

Or communication it seems, at times.

Knock! Knock! Knock!


Yes, I can hear you!



YES! One.

One Knock. You must be able to hear me!


Oh no. I’m not doing that. Two knocks.

I can’t believe that you can’t hear me. I can hear YOU perfectly.

I’ll knock one more time and then I’ll go.



Sorry. If you’re not willing to listen after trying so hard to get through to me, then that’s your fault. I’ve tried my hardest to get through to you. I’m exhausted now and need to rest.

Maybe you’ll hear me next time?

Just don’t bring that board.

Ptom’s Logic

I was wandering around the Grinds earlier this afternoon when a rather strange thought struck me.

“What’s the square root of 152399025?” I thought as I looked into the Lake. The Plesiosaur dipped under the water as though it read my mind. I heard the Vampire Sheep baa and hiss behind me, and Sinister Bunny hopped over for some reason, before promptly hopping away again. I was expecting Olive the Peacock to wander up, but he was nowhere in sight. Splodge the Cat was sunbathing and didn’t have a care in the world as to what I thought about.

“Never mind those five animals. Well? What is it?” I thought.

Only, it wasn’t me thinking it. It was another of my Inner Aspects, the fourth one this week to make an appearance, but one I didn’t even know I had. It was my Inner Mathematician, Ptom. The P’s silent.

“I’m also an astronomer and astrologer, don’t you know?” Ptom thought I’d forgotten. I never actually knew, but at least now I feel I should have known and I’m glad I was reminded.

“Are you going to answer my question? Well, never mind, here’s another one. How many animals did I say?” My Inner Mathematician is a bit different from the norm… although, I don’t think I’ve met a real mathematician in my life so I couldn’t really compare. Anyway, I digress.

“Answer. Answer.”

“Erm…” I thought to myself.

“Five! It was five animals. The Ples.” I stopped Ptom from going through the list of the animals that I had literally just seen. I had a feeling that was what he was going to do, and being one of my Inner Beings we kind of share a few thoughts.

“Alright then. Ignoring the last five from the number I asked you the square root of, what is the total of all of the other numbers? Add them together up to the last five.” “Well?”

I/he hadn’t given me any chance to think. (Being honest, I was actually thinking of reaching for my mobile phone to use the calculator on it, so I did have a small chance to think… just not for the answer to the latest question. Flummoxed, I shouted “What is it then?” and I heard the Vampire Sheep bleat behind me and run away rather quickly.

“No need to be like that” Ptom thought sternly. “31.”

I thought “31 is the square root of 152399025?” (I surprised myself at how I’d remembered that number in the correct order!)

“You’re just being stupid.”

I was starting to dislike Ptom. Not liking a part of yourself isn’t a good thing, so I immediately dismissed the disliking idea and went with the flow.

“31 is the square root of 961.” Ptom was thinking that last part, not me. He went on to think “And the total of the numbers up to the last 5 is 31. And 31 is tomorrow’s date. The date of the Blue Moon. The Aquarian Blue Moon. And here you are at the water’s edge. And the square root of 152399025 is 12345, which is simply all of the early numbers up to five. And I asked you to add all of the numbers up to the last 5 to get 31. And 12345 added together is 15. This year. And 961 added together is 16, and when those are added together, 7. This month. Simple astrology, astronomy, and numerology at work.”

I didn’t know what to think. Splodge seemed to look at me and turn away in disgust, as if I should have known.

Anyway, Full Moons indicate conclusions and therefore new starts. Tomorrow’s is the second Full Moon to fall in July this year, so it’s a Blue Moon. And, as Ptom said, it’s the Aquarian Full Moon. Aquarius allows for the expansion of new vision and release, so adding everything together we have a good chance for great new beginnings. Here’s hoping. I’m sending a Cosmic Order through my Lunar Mailbox anyway.

Happy Full Moon on Friday. Feel the power! Feel Good!

Gross Post. Gross.

*Warning. The following post is unsuitable for those of a delicate disposition*

I’ve picked up a bug from somewhere, that’s for sure.

It feels like a cold; it’s probably a sinus infection from the dust of Mars or the Rings of Saturn as I was dragged through them at a rate of knots the other day as the Mansion was making a high-speed dash around the Galaxy for some reason. I was hanging on to the back door during that jaunt, I can tell you!


This morning, I woke to the most putrid of smells. The putridest. There’s been a strange smell at the back of my nose for the past few days, sometimes gross and thick and other times just a mild burning sulphur smell that merely brought water to my eyes.

But this morning… Gah! Bleugh!!! Cough. It was intensely diabolical.

I managed to haul my aching carcass out of bed, and usually when I move, the smell dissipates. This morning every millimetre of movement exacerbated the stench by what I thought to be a thousand-fold.

Through my stinging watery eyes, I could see what appeared to be small flakes scattered but in a straightish higgledy-piggledy line between the bed and the door. The flakes were an off-green colour and somewhat dusty, so I knew that I hadn’t sleepwalked last night and dragged a handful or so cornflakes from the Kitchen and back into bed with me.

I decided to investigate further.

The flakes were dry and crispy and crumbled to dust as soon as I touched them. By the door, they were also larger.

Outside the door, my suspicions began to become clearer. The flakes on the Landing were definitely larger. In fact, a couple of the flakes were fingernail sized.

They were fingernails, truth be told.

At the top of the Stairway, there was an actual fingertip.

At the bottom of the Stairs, the flakes were no longer flake-sized and were definite objects in their own right. A clump of green hair draped restfully over the third step up, and beside it, what looked like an ear with a gloopy congealed jelly substance smeared over it.

And over by the Vestibule there was a foot.

An actual FOOT. I couldn’t say whether it was a left or right one, however.

Behind me, and from the Kitchen, I heard a noise. A dish had been dropped and smashed on contact with the stone floor. And then followed a demonic devilish grunt.

I dashed into the Kitchen, and there were shards of dish all over the place, with one large piece still attached to the hand that had dropped it.

And over by the window stood the remains of my Inner Zombie.

My Inner Zombie, outside of me. He was pointing to his throat with his remaining attached hand, so I can only presume he probably has the same sore throat that I’ve had. I certainly could see from his nose the… well, I’ll just not go there and you’ll have to take my word for the fact that it wasn’t a pleasant sight.

I made him a Lemsip (other cold and flu remedies are available!) and left him in the Kitchen to his own devices.

I took my own decongestant and went back to bed for an hour.

I haven’t seen, heard or smelt my Inner Zombie since then. He’s either come back inside me somehow (well, I never felt him get out so it’s possible!), disintegrated completely, or is wandering lost somewhere around the Mansion… I’m sure I’ll find out in due course.

These Inner Beings of mine crop up from time to time. Three have come along this week already, for example. If they’re starting to cross over into my outer environment – that may be a problem –  however, I’ll deal with them as and when.

Now though, to get this nose of mine sorted once and for all… I’m still Feeling Good generally though, so that’s a bonus!

Back from Mars

I woke up early this morning and within minutes I found myself tiptoeing through the tulips and daffodils out in the Grinds.

I then realised it wasn’t me tiptoeing, but Thomasina, my Inner Woman.

I then realised it wasn’t out in the Grinds, but in one of those hidden-from-view plains on Mars that we don’t see very often.

And then I realised that the tulips and daffodils weren’t tulips and daffodils, but harsh jagged rocks and pebbles.

And then I realised that Thomasina wasn’t exactly dressed for tiptoeing through anything – tulips, daffodils or jagged rocks and pebbles – especially on the Martian plains.

And then I realised that I hadn’t woken up and was still asleep dreaming.

It was this that made me realise:

Thomasina blowing up balloons in a Martian Lagoon under Phobos and Deimos, the two Martian Moons, dressed in maroon wearing fluffy slippers.

Thomasina would NEVER wear fluffy slippers… even if she knew she was hidden from view.

I think we’re back now, slippers or no slippers. With the emphasis on the think…

View from the window: Mars Attacks

Tell you what, it’s cold up here!

The Mansion’s dragged me all the way to Mars for some reason… I’ve got the heating on, but it doesn’t seem to be making the slightest difference. I’m typing this wrapped in a blanket and wearing three pairs of gloves abd a pair of socks over the top… I must apologise for any typos that slip through (Normally, I’d blame Fingers, my Inner Typist, but those Inner Beings vanish at the slightest whiff of a cool breeze, so it’s only dithered old me typing this.)

I actually typed it last week. Well, it’s now for me, and I presume it’s next week when you read it. Hello… are you there? It may well be next month for that matter… the mobile signal here on Mars is patchy at best, and the wi-fi simply doesn’t reach this far, so I’ve resorted to using dial up which means there’s no telling when the post will get through.

Hopefully, it’ll get through in the correct order and in one piece though. I’ll have to edit it on my return if not… and hopefully that should be within the next few days or so.

Unless the Mansion hoiks me further afield… I’ve a feeling it wants to go to Pluto… that’s all the rage at the moment, and this Mansion of mine is nothing if it’s not trendy.

Anyhoo, I’m off to chip some ice to boil up for my Barbecue Steak Pot Noodle and then I’ll draw a smiley face in one of the frosted up windows… it’s not very often you get to do that in Summer now is it?

See you when I’m back on Earth!

Feel Good now!

Lights and Sounds in Eerie Wood

Stars shine brightly through the canopy of branches, leafless on a warm Summer’s evening. The ground around is parched and dry, yet the trees, all of these trees in this wood, look more suited to a Winter’s scene.

There are leaves, scattered here and there, but they are outnumbered by the volume of stars above them. In fact, they’re outnumbered by the number of owls that use the branches as resting places or lookout points for their night’s hunting.

Unlike the stars, the owls aren’t visible.

And unlike the owls, the stars aren’t audible.

The stars cast shadows across the darkened earth creating the appearance of even more bare branches, and the owls send echoes throughout wood, appearing to multiply their number.

Each fill the scene in their own different way, balancing light and sound in a way that makes Eerie Wood… special. Special in an eerie way, that is!


Hypnotised, mesmerised, mystified.
Caught within an Enchanted Glen
Imaginary beings appear
Then disappear again.

A melodic siren-song
Is carried on the wind
Which fades away to silence
And gently starts again.

The chirping of the birds above
Blend with the trickle of the stream
Sunbeams cascade through the trees
This appears to be a dream.

A bumblebee flies by my ear
And then off into the wood
A butterfly floats overhead
Yes, I think I’m Feeling Good!

Nature casts a magic spell
On those who watch in awe
The brilliance of the natural world
Even when it’s been seen before.


Just a-doodling when this character appeared. I’ve called him Caveboy, as that’s what he reminds me of, although apart from that I know nothing more about him.

I didn’t intend on creating a new character. I certainly didn’t intend on creating a cave boy.

But sometimes, this is how my characters appear to me: just out of the blue…