Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 5: Mummy

On a spooky dark night in the museum
Walked the unravelling mummy called Liam
As he was very old
He did feel the cold
Just like his possessing demon

Yet once more, Beyond the Sphere brings you another Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick. And this one is a two-for-one special! And, if you look closely, you may just see the demon’s face staring out from the mummy’s chest!

Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 4: Coven

The witches looked on in despair
At the surrounding ten empty chairs
”This is a joke!
We need more folk!
What’s a coven with nobody there?”

Sigh. Another Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick, brought to you as always by Beyond The Sphere. This one actually bears some relevance, as this is the thirteenth post for this Halloween month of October, and, unlike the one featured above, covens consist of thirteen.

This blog isn’t just about silly posts, you know… there are educational facts secreted throughout. The next post, however, may not contain any. And, like buses, it’s right behind this one.

Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 3: Ghost

The host is the ghost with the most
Who loves to serve hot tea and toast
But he’s all of a flutter
When he’s out of butter
And margarine’s not even close

A picky ghost who loves serving afternoon tea. Whatever next?

This Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick has once again been brought to you by Beyond The Sphere. Who says blogging’s dead?

There was going to be an image of a ghost here, but even that wouldn’t be seen alive with this post

Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 2: Witch

Agnes the witch was a red-head
Who constantly sported a bed-head
Until someone saw her
And much to her horror
Bundled her into a bedspread

Witches have long been persecuted, since early times, for many reasons including bad hair.

This Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick has been brought to you by Beyond The Sphere. Quality posts may be a thing of the past, but they can also come back into vogue.

This one even sailed through the spell-checker.

Muffled Voices

Eyes gouged out.
Flesh everywhere.
Complete and utter carnage.

The difficult part was the mouth. The teeth. Sharp, jagged and extremely uneven. I didn’t bother with the mouth.

I’m sure I heard a muffled voice screaming (in that muffled way muffled screams scream) “Do it! DO IT!”

So I left it.

I’m not having a pumpkin telling me what to do, that’s for sure!

And now for something completely different…

Does the following look familiar?


How about this:

Inspired by Col over on Colonialist’s Blog who’d Charlie Browned himself, I simply had to go and have a go myself. Well, my Inner Child did. (I don’t know, I manage to get a break from a bunch of Inner Aspects mithering when yet another one comes along. Sigh))

So, I visited the site (if you’d like to transform yourself into one of these characters, it’s so easy to do, no registration is required and it takes all of ten seconds… Click Here to be ‘Peanutized’)

The two images above are ‘off the shelf’, no tweaking was required. And how they managed to get the exact shoes that I wear is anyone’s guess! Mind you, if they can get my hair they can do anything…

Next month, I shall Huckleberry Hound myself, time permittin’ y’understand.

Halloween resumes with the next post.

It Watches Me

On dark nights, as dark as dark gets, the only things visible through the shadows of the old trees in Smuggler’s Copse are the bright Moon and two bright yellow glowing orbs. Random things, they are, just hanging there. Like eyes on a portrait in a haunted house that follow you as you cross the room.

These orbs, however, are no paintings. And they are eyes. And they do follow you.

Too large to be a cat or an owl or even a wolf, they stare forward. Hovering above the occasional growl, watching and waiting.

For what? Who knows. Does it know? Whatever it is, I’m sure it does.

However, it doesn’t move.

It just watches and waits.

But not for long. When I see it waiting, I’m away. I don’t want to be food, mate or another.

I just check to see if it’s there. On these dark nights.

Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 1: Vampire

A new vain vamp called Ricardo
Liked to wear avocado
But as he got nearer
To his full length mirror
He suddenly lost his bravado

Vampires don’t have reflections, so he could have been wearing plum and it wouldn’t have mattered one bit.

This Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick has been brought to you by Beyond The Sphere. Yes, times have really gotten this desperate, but don’t despair, this is only a filler.

Unfortunately, it posted successfully.

Forever Searching

Laughter echoes through the halls
When the lord and master calls
The old clock with its thirteenth chime
Signifies arrival time
An eerie mist passes through
Walls, doors and room to room
The mist is from the master’s soul
The visits to attain his goal
To find the place to rest and be
Finally forever free

The laughter’s from those that mock
The ones that haunt, and taunt and shock
They watch the lord and hear his plea
’Please, please, help me be free’

The master’s mist must never stop
Its search to find the phantom clock
For the time it keeps is the very key
That will allow the lord be free
But time is also the poor lord’s curse
And so cruel it is within his search
As he must find the clock by the thirteenth bell
The arrival time to his ghostly hell