The Superhero Diaries 3.6: Soopaburgah!

The Elite Force of Britain. A group of superheroes united in a common cause that unites them. However, at present that unity hangs in the balance as some of the team have been catapulted into a different time zone. And not only that… a greasy spoon burger van has pulled up outside their top secret headquarters and is cashing in on their good name(s).

Could one go as far as saying that not only their prices are criminal? Here’s a menu they surreptitiously left lying around…

The Superhero Diaries 3.5: When Again?

The Elite Force of Britain, a team of heroes who banded themselves together to protect a city from a group of underhanded businessmen who wanted to own the city for their own dastardly deeds. The businessmen dealt with, the superheroes decided to stick together, and call upon each other in times of need to look after more national interests. Recently, some of the team have been catapulted into a completely different timeline, and have been trying to make contact with their correct time so they can return home. Using the immense power of social media site UMetroNetworkMediaK they have managed to do just that. Here, as boring and mundane as it is, is their conversation in full.

Is anyone on-line?
I am, Lycra. Where’ve you all been? It’s as though you’ve vanished off the face of the Earth
In a way we have, Parrots. After our jaunt back to the 1920s we’ve now ended up in tomorrow. Literally tomorrow.
How do you know? Surely it’s still today for you…
The Firetop:
Captain Mindstorm is one of the superheroes in this future timeline, PG, and he told us. And showed us.
He was the one who managed to communicate with the Psychic Recorder, for all the good that did.
The Firetop:
At least he’s managed to configure the chronal interface on this UMetroNetworkMediaK stream
True. And this seems to be working better. Are any of the EFB available yesterday.
The Firetop:
Nobody will believe that we’re speaking from tomorrow. It’s just ludicrous.
We’ve experienced weirder things. Remember that time when our heads had been turned upside down? Ha ha.
Sorry to poop the party people, but we’ll have to skip the trip down memory lane until we can get ourselves back into the past. PG – can you page the EFB?
Or phone them. It’s strange that out of all of the EFB members, the only ones on-line are three of the four trapped in the future. It’s looking more like a conspiracy.
Muriel Magnificent:
No conspiracy, Lycralad… you’ve managed to get through to 2.45am and everyone’s as;eep. I only got up for some milk and nothiced the stream is active
2.45am today? Or yesterday? It must be yesterday, if it was today we wouldn’t need rescuing.
Muriel Magnificent:
It’s today here. Actually tomorrow, thinking about it. But our tomorrow – not yours. I’ll call a meeting with the other members and see if we can come up with a rescue plan for you.
Thanks, Muriel. It’s OK being in the future, but weird. We’re in the same room as you, but not. We’re like ghosts crossing over each other. Really odd feeling
The Firetop:
PG, are you still on line?
I am, but something weird’s happening to my stream. My avatar’s changed, and the text is pulsating. Ive never seen anything like it
Muriel Magnificent:
The same things happening here, My avatar has reverted back to the first one I used. And the int
image Muriel Magnificent:
erface has reverted back to the old one as well. I always hates how it split the comments up into seg

Muriel Magnificent:

ments. My avatr’s completely vanished now.
Mine too. Text is back to normal though. Lycra… Firetop… Betty… are you all still there?
It looks like they’ve gone.
Muriel Magnificent:
I’ll get everyone up and call a meeting. It looks as though tomorrow we’ll be heading into tomo

Contemplation of the cat

The dark. The cool. The shade.

It’s late.

I’m alone.

Footsteps ahead.
I hide. Crouching silently. Waiting patiently.
Twigs crack. Birds squawk. Eyes narrow.

I watch. I stare.
It’s now. Or never.
I stretch. I pounce. I reach. I flex. I grab.

I miss.

Next time. I’ll feed.

I’m hungry.

Sunrise on Saturn

On Saturn
Is a spectacular sight
With light fluffy clouds
And rainbows so bright
The rings that shimmer in colours ne’er before seen
Of blues that are red
And whites that are green
Oceans of gas
With islands of air
Metals are liquid
But no life is there
To see the spectacular
Saturn sunrise
That for most of the day
Fills all of the skies


Into the depths of the lake I looked
and saw the fishes swimming
And ducks were paddling, and quacking by,
with faces that were grinning
The heron stood staring forth with beady eyes focussed
on something distant
A lone terrapin basked upon a rock, not moving for an instant
A long blue dragonfly hovered close
then zipped away up high
My attention, though, was then quickly grabbed by
a passing butterfly
On the bank a playful kitten bounced along for a little wander
As the trees on the bank swayed from side to side as the wind
was getting stronger
A dove perched gently upon a branch
before taking to the skies
And I was brought back to the water with the gentlest of cries
For swimming in amongst the lilies
was a little water hen
And into the depths of the lake I looked
and saw the fish again…

Passing Thoughts

Do you ever feel that your life is not your own?
Do you ever feel that you knew what you were shown?
Do you ever feel familiarity in a place you’ve never been?
Do you ever recognise a face that you know you’ve never seen?
Do you ever notice a scent forgotten long ago?
Do you ever sing a song that you simply just don’t know?
Do you ever know what’s going to happen next?
Do you ever struggle to send a simple text?
Do you ever find yourself without a single thought?
Do you ever remember lessons never taught?
Do you ever find yourself sitting in a daze?
Do you ever wish to change someone else’s ways?
Do you ever sit and think of what could have been?
Do you ever regret a time when you were very mean?
Do you ever sit and be, and take time to look around?
Do you ever notice all the greatness that abounds?
Do you ever stop and think “I’m a part of all of this”?
And do you ever ponder the complexities of all that is?