What’s Black and White and Red All Over?

Welcome to how I see the world on occasions. Literally, this time, not just through the blog…

Sherri has challenged me this week to share five secrets with you, so I thought I’d go slightly more personal than usual, as secrets tend to be more, erm, personal.

On Monday, I revealed how I tend to go ever redder when out in the sun.
Tuesday, I revealed my red aura to the world.
On Wednesday (I’m red in the face with embarrassment with this one), the secret revealed that day had no link to the colour red… it was me liking a certain number and letter.
Thursday’s secret revealed how I saw a large red object silently fall from the sky many eons ago.
And today’s post is a glimpse into how I view the world when I come down with a migraine.

I don’t get headaches usually, nor do I feel unwell with my migraines, but I lose vision, and instead I’m treated to a spectacular twinkling light show.

The sparkles tend to start off small, in the centre of my vision, and then gradually grow and curve themselves around the edge of my vision, usually ‘opting’ for one corner.

Usually black and white, I occasionally get a glimpse of electric blue thrown in for good measure. And to answer the question posed in the title of this post, the answer is simply not one of my migraines!*

The actual name for this visual phenomenon is a Migraine Aura, and apparently they are quite common. They are harmless (unless, obviously, one unfortunately suffers from the headaches and nausea associated with a migraine) and can occur at any time during the migraine attack. Sometimes before, sometimes during, sometimes after and sometimes they don’t occur at all.

Although in my case, the aura is the migraine.

Resting in a darkened room is the best way to clear one of these auras, although they can take anything from five minutes to an hour to clear. I’ve had the odd day when they’ve come and gone like clockwork – I was in and out of a darkened room like nobody’s business!

Usually, they occur when we’re tired… or stressed… but they can ‘come on’ without warning. Relaxing helps; but I’ve read the best way to let it pass is just to enjoy the show and not worry about it, and this seems to work with me. As well as resting in the darkened room…

Obviously, everyone’s different, and with anything health-related: any worries go straight to the doctor to be checked out.

*Actually, the correct answer to the question posed in the title is the theme that runs through this week’s series of posts (red) and the white lettering on black background (or black on white if this is being read sometime in the future and the theme to the blog has changed. The theme to the posts, however is still red in that case, even Wednesday.)

The Object that Fell from the Sky

Many, many, many, many years ago, I bore witness to my first ever extra-terrestrial mystery. I describe it as extra-terrestrial as I can not think, even to this day, what it was.

I would have thought I’d made the whole thing up had it not been for one of my friends seeing the very same thing, although he was in a completely different place to me.

We were children. Well, older rather than younger, but still at school. We were doing the usual kids things, all on the streets playing hide and seek or something. We played it differently, where we were in two teams, and could hide over a large area – even in different streets. If we were spotted by someone on the other team, we were captured, and taken back to ‘base’. We could be ‘freed’ by another team member, and then ‘catch’ the one who was holding us captive. It was a very technical game.

It was early evening, and dark.

I was walking down one of the streets when I noticed something bright and red, about the size of the Moon (perspective-wise) literally drop out of the sky, and behind the houses. It was simply circular in shape, and it had no ‘tail’ or anything following it. There was also no sound… no engine noise if it was an aircraft, or no crackling thundering noise if it was a meteorite.

It appeared to be so big, I was expecting to hear an explosion when it landed, as it fell so quickly… imagine seeing something the size of the Moon drop from the sky within a second or two… that was what I saw… but no explosion came. It was just the big red round orb that dropped from the sky and nothing else.

I decided to head back home, really to see if anybody else had seen the same thing.

I got back to my home avenue, and saw my friend, who was on the opposing team. He was pale. All he said was “I’m not playing now, I’ve just seen something terrifying.”

He said nothing more, but I knew he’d seen the same thing I had.

I never saw anything like that again. I never read anything about it, and nobody else mentioned seeing it. But that cool, clear, dark night, a very large bright red object literally fell from the skies.

This week, I’m revealing secrets. Sherri has challenged me to do this, to reveal five in total. This is the fourth one… and the third with the connection being ‘red’.

in aura of it all

SherriThis week I’m revealing a lot more about myself. Sherri has challenged me to reveal five secrets, and yesterday I revealed possibly the biggest secret ever. Me. Well, I have been revealed before in part, but yesterday I went all out and posted several photos of me from yesteryear.

Today, I reveal three more secret photos of me. Well, a side of me that not a lot of people tend to see.

My aura.

I can’t exactly remember when, unfortunately, but for three consecutive years I visited a Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition, and had my aura photographed on each occasion.

The people that took the photographs had a wonderful stand set up, and they even had photos dotted around the stand of other people’s auras.

Each aura is completely different to another, with some being tiny specks of colour above the person’s head.

Before I had the first photograph taken, I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea as to how my aura would look, but I was hoping that I didn’t have a ‘boring’ one, if any such thing could exist!

I needn’t have worried. I was slightly impressed by my aura when I saw it, to say the least. I think the photographer was equally impressed, although they didn’t show it completely!

The next thing to happen was to have my aura read.

And with my aura being red (mostly) it was quite easy for an interpretation from the reader.

According to my aura, I’m pioneering and outgoing; confident; ambitious; and seek out  new physical directions (which is indicated by the red). I’m creative and artistic, self confident and aware and open to new ideas / plans / projects (orange). I’m intelligent and logical, with a bright and active mind and I’m also open to new mental challenges (yellow). The green indicates a caring and balanced side of me, and shows that I’m reliable and responsible.

Well, that was me back then, anyway. I wasn’t as outgoing, confident or ambitious as my aura tends to let on, although I suppose I could have been depending on the situation. I’m not sure what I was doing to cause the green to show through, but our auras can change at any given moment, depending on our moods, what we’re experiencing at the time and other day to day stuff.

We’re never the same person all of the time as we change, and our auras also reflect this too. Which, considering I went on three different occasions – and on one of them I also had a full body aura photograph which was also mostly red – it’s quite remarkable how similar the photos are.

The third photo above looks as though I’m wearing a hooded cloak, which I wasn’t on the day!

I will have to make time to get another aura photograph taken – I’m interested to see how it is now, after all this time…

Pssst… Want to know a secret?


Tom! I’ve tagged you for the Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop!


Recently, Sherri challenged me. I say recently, but I’ve altered my blogging style, and I’m now writing a few weeks in the past, so although it is very recent for me, it isn’t as recent for Sherri herself. But, I did accept the challenge, and as my recent posts have been time related, it’s quite fitting that I reveal my first secret thusly. I understand that the secrets Sherri has challenged me to write about aren’t meant to be facts like I now schedule my posts, so I’ll just throw that one in for good measure. An extra secret, if you like, before I even begin.

This knowledge may come in useful when I’m writing about a major news story that broke weeks ago, like them finding that ocean on Ganymede…


A week’s worth of secrets await to be revealed. I’ve decided to post a secret a day. Five secrets in five days.

I’m stalling because I can’t think of one secret. This may be a short week.

No… I’ve got one.


I know that I post hundreds of Selfies of me every now and again. I can’t seem to get the camera angle correct, so end up with the majority of me being chopped off. I don’t mind that, being honest, although sometimes it would be nice to introduce myself to the world properly.

Maybe one day, when I’m not as shy and retiring.

On my about page, I’ve already done that – introduced myself, that is – with a photo of me from decades ago, so what I’m about to do will be the ultimate reveal. A secret to beat all secrets. I shall reveal more of me from that time.

Back then, I was on a cruise ship holiday. I visited Egypt, Cyprus and Israel. I knew my way around Cyprus.  I was amazed at how close the Pyramids were to Cairo:

In the above photo, you can see the reflection of the ear of the person who was sitting in the seat in front of me on the coach as we travelled from the port to the Pyramids.

And above, I present me. Probably the biggest secret on this blog ever. I’m such a private person. Hello World! I’m real! From way back when: me in Egypt (this is the photo I have on my ‘about me’ page, so you don’t need to go there and check now, if you thought of doing that!); me floating on the Dead Sea, looking muscular as usual; me standing in front of a ship’s wheel dressed to the nines; and me standing in front of a Pyramid, being blinded by the morning Sun.

As you can clearly see, I got redder and redder as the holiday went on. By the time I came home, I certainly gave the scarlet ibis a run for its money:

And that has given me the idea for secret number two. But not today…

The day the Sun looked like the Moon

I managed to grab quite a few photos from the Lab in the Cellar before the Mansion decided to change things into a Total Eclipse around these here parts.

And, yes, I’m aware that there never used to be any windows in the Cellar until Friday… it’s the Mansion you see. It likes to help at times.

I actually quite like these photos… I didn’t think they’d turn out as clear as they have, for one, and due to the cloud cover I wasn’t expecting to see anything anyhow. How wrong was I?

I was careful, looking at the Sun and what not, but the cloud cover and tinted glass window gave me just the correct filter needed to get these photos.

So, I present my photos of the Eclipsing Sun, looking rather Moon-like:






And here’s my favourite photo of the first Astronomical Event I’ve seen this year that I’ve actually seen with my very own eyes with me being there. (As you can probably guess, I don’t very often get to witness events such as these, so I’m feeling rather pleased that I’ve managed to capture the moment so very well… even if the sky appears to have turned slightly Armageddony!)



There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when I looked out the other day and saw the Total Solar Eclipse. Yes, it was as dark as night, and no stars were visible, but no clouds were either.

I dashed outside the Mansion to take a Selfie of myself with the Eclipse, the Grinds and the Darkness behind me, hoping that it would turn out.

Well, the Selfie turned out as usual, and I got a lot of sky.

Not much could be seen of the Grinds, and I almost missed the Total Solar Eclipse as well due to the great clonking cloud that suddenly decided to appear.

I say cloud, but it could have been another onslaught of smog… we’ve been waking up to a thick pea soup of a fog for the past few days… according to the news, though, it isn’t fog, but toxic European smog.


Eek! I’ve been out in that.

(Although I have been noticing a strange eerie glow following me about as well lately. Hmmm…)

We in the UK only saw about 80% of the Eclipse, according to some reports I’ve read. I managed to see about 120% of it, thanks to a little help from the Mansion…

And finally, here’s a quick cartoon artist’s impression as to what I expected the photos to turn out like…

Quite similar, don’t you think?