What does a whisper look like?


I’ve been playing with words again this morning, trying to come up with a visual illustration for a whisper. No, I’ve not lost my mind or anything, it’s for this week’s Illustration Friday theme. And yes, I know that I’ve only just done one, but we’ve had another Friday since then so we’re now in another week. Time’s getting faster by the minute!

I imagine whispered words to be transparent, like the wind. A breath of fresh air mixed with a little secret – or something like that. A hushed comment, unless, of course, the whisperer is shouting their whisper for dramatic effect.

My whisperer in the image above, the one with the crooked teeth, is whispering a little sweet something into the listener’s ear, the ear that looks like a slab of meat. They are funny things, ears, when you look at them closely.

Well, they are in my illustrations when I give myself five minutes to come up with one anyway!

I also think my whisperer in the illustration is whispering in one of those shouting whispers, the letters are a little more solid than I had intended… I could have gone slightly more transparent with them, but I think it (kind of) works.

They’ve not really been easy, the themes of late. Maybe next week, I’ll have an easier challenge… we’ll see!

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32 thoughts on “What does a whisper look like?

  1. That is a rather good representation of a whisper, although perhaps the hello could have been smaller. But if it is a shouting whisper, than it is okay. Whispers come in all forms. They are difficult to pin down. This wasn’t an easy challenge you took on. You did well.


  2. Well Tom your impression of a whisper looks fine to me… crooked teeth or not.. LOL… and even whispers can be loud… reminds me somehow of that game we would play as children, Chinese Whispers!… where a sentence whispered was passed down the line to emerge a completely different at the other end… Today this is now called GOSSIP! LOL :-)


  3. whispers of transparency,… in a sea of tranquillity… just north of the Border down…. Ooops… trains of through can derail one sometimes. … I like the thought of the whispered word being a few shades different than the spoken harshness of louder sound…. gentle words, needing the lighter touch, the lips almost caressing the ear of the responder, did you know?…whisper, whisper… (fades off into the distance…..) xPenx


    • That Border town sounds like an interesting place, Pen… by the sea of tranquility. I’m feeling relaxed already! I’ve a couple of questions about whispers though… when you whisper, is it your own voice or just ‘shaped’ air??? And, if a large choir sang only in a whisper, would their ‘voices’ carry??? Oooo – I think I need to visit the sea of tranquility myself…


  4. Tom, I think you nailed an illustration of a whisper, but what a challenge! I hope that next week you’re not assigned to visually illustrate “the” for that would truly be cruel and unusual.


    • Thank you, LA. It was a bit of a tough challenge, but once I’d decided on my idea it was pretty quick to complete. If I had to illustrate ‘The’ though, I’d have to give that one a miss. There’s only so much inspiration I can draw on. I wonder what the next theme will be?


  5. Low whispers give me chills, loud whispers cause me to jump. Like this picture though. I can’t believe I’ve not realised you are an artist! Great stuff, Tom :)


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