After the rainbow – stars. Movie stars.

Last Friday, we had a little trip to the movies, in a random round about way. Today, we are back there, looking for clarity, and hopefully picking up a few points along the way. I got them all right and received maximum pointage, but I’m not one to brag.

I’ll start with the bonus question, which, I suppose, would have been quite difficult to get correct…

Excellent if you correctly thought that the first movie I didn’t appear in was Green Lantern. The skin tight clothing didn’t really agree with me… if you did think this (Green Lantern, not me in tight clothing – Heavens to Murgatroyd!) you may have one point! You may have been thinking too logically about this question if you were incorrect – remember, logic and this blog don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

For some reason, most of you recognised me as that blue chap in Avatar. Although we have completely different eyes, we do seem to have a similar nose to each other. And my forehead markings took hours in make-up to get right! Again, it’s one point for the blue chap out of Avatar.

I do make a good vampire, even if I do say so myself. If you said I was being Keanu Reeves in The Lost Boys I’m afraid I’d have to deduct a point. I was Kiefer Sutherland, of course! Of course! If you said Kiefer, you can have the point.

Next up was indeed a tricky one. I wasn’t Miss Piggy out of the Muppet Show movies, so no points if you’d said that… however, there’s a whole point available for you if you’d have correctly said I was the Lion out of the Wizard of Oz. I did that through the medium of time travel, obviously. I wasn’t around in those days.

Do you remember Sam from Quantum Leap? Each week he’d leap into someone else’s body and have to alter their course of life before leaping once again. Sometimes, he’d leap into a woman’s body, and this seems to be a bit like that. I was Carrie Fisher in Star Wars here, if you couldn’t tell. She had been written in to play C3P0 but I steered her into the Princess role. I did. I did! And you may have a point if you said Carrie. Or Princess Leia! And I’ll let you have a point if you said C3P0 as well – but only a select group of people know that. Sshhh…

Last but not least, I was that well known superhero, Superman. Being a superhero isn’t new to me, but being Superman is. Was. Is still. One point if you’d said Superman, or any of the great actors who have played him over the years. I’m nothing if not a little generous!

And you can have a bonus point if you’d correctly said that it was Mae West who said the quote in Fingers’ (he’s my Inner Typist, don’t you know?) Easter Eff.

And speaking of Easter Effs, who said this:

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading

If this is your first visit to this blog… hello! Don’t worry – it’s not always like this! Lately, I’ve been posting a ‘portrait’ on a Monday, and then a post which is kind-of-but-not-quite linked to it on the following Tuesday. Yesterday’s portrait was of a rainbow – and the pictures within this post are in a similar layout to the colours on a rainbow. Kind of. Maybe if you scroll up and down really fast you may see it. This post is more linked to Friday’s post, which I mentioned at the beginning.

No, sometimes it’s a little strange around here… and other times it’s like this. I’m used to it…

Twilight Rainbow

Traffic lights and raindrops on the windscreen
Mix to create an enchanting scene
Of a twilight rainbow bathed in gold
With each of the colours equally bold
This rainbow is special as it has no end
No pot of gold a leprechaun tends
The magic is that it falls all around
Well, sometimes,
when the sun goes down
Remember the next time you see a rainbow like this
Its light is pure magic, so go on – make a wish!


The Realm of In-between

Betwixt the day and night
Lies the realm of in-between;
Neither dark nor light
Yet both, as it would seem.
Shadows start to vanish
Extending out in length
Yet slowly as they finish
They lose much of their strength.
Betwixt the night and day,
In the time to settle down,
Lies the realm of mystery
As silence falls around.
The sun sets in the east
And darkness starts to fall
As the day begins to cease
And night time starts to call.

Friday Madness! A trip to the movies…

me in the movies

And still mad week continues!

Many people will not realise that there are several box office smashes at the movies (in both modern times and days gone by) that I never actually appeared in. Folk wouldn’t even think for one second ‘That Tom was never in that movie…!’ It just wouldn’t cross their minds.

There are many hundreds of movies I haven’t been in, five of which are highlighted above. I think they were box office smashes, but with not actually being in them, that particular fact doesn’t really matter to me.

Anyhoo, today’s Friday Madness question is easy. What are the movies?
For a bonus point, which one didn’t I appear in first?

… Just for fun, however, as I haven’t got two ha’pennies to rub together. If I did have, they’d still be no good since decimalisation, but I wanted to use the term ha’penny on my blog – there’s always time for a first time for anything, no matter what it is we do. I may use another olde worlde term in my next Friday Madness! post, whenever that may be …
And for an extra bonus point, who said the following, which is the first quote to appear as one of Fingers’ Easter Effs?

I’ll try anything once,
twice if I like it,
three times to make dure

As usual, all answers will be revealed in due course…

I now return the world to the normality that was.

As I mean to go in…

This post was meant to be the first official post since my advancement into Level Two.

It was meant to be one of those upliftng, go grab ‘em moments that we come across every so often in our lives. Not exactly a life-changing moment, but a ‘yes, exactly!’ moment.

I’ve just been replying to comments in an attempt to catch up both on this blog and the manu hindreds that I follow.

It was during the commenting that I noticed what I was typing wasn’t exactly what I was typing. Alomst, but not quite.

And it was then that I realised what was happening. My pesky Fingers, that’s what!

Fingers, mu Inner Typist – Inner Gremlin more like when it comes to trying to get something typed up all professional like – appears to have taken contril once again.

In one comment, the word ‘clicked’ came out as ‘clikeked’… in another, ‘merge’ appeared as ‘merege’… and in a third, ‘message’ appeared as ‘massage’, but I realised that ‘massage’ was actually the word I had intended to use in the first place and had got it wrong. I corrected the glaringly errors before submitting them.

Obviously, it isn’t me what’s making these mystiques. It’s all darn to Fingers, and his inner bility to touch type without touching or typing.

I’ve mentioned before that he liked to go for the letter next to the one he intended yo use, so, as this sentence proves, to becomes yo.

It’s all well and goos having these Inner Beings, who can be quite useful at times, but when they get in the way, the job at hand becomes ever so harder. But still, the results can be quite funny (if not emabarrasing) if they aren’t spitted before publication.

So, instead of this post starting as I mean to go on, it is merely a continuation of where I left off.  Pretty much how life works, come to think of it. There may be changes, but for them to be good we have to still work at them.

So, in moving forward, I shall be giving my Inner Typist some exercises over the next few weeks. There may be some random quites dotted about the place. As it’s Easter next week, think of them as Easter Effs… an added bonus to the madness that is already going on around here.

And Effs, by the way, wasn’t intentional, but I liked it.

Thank you if you’ve stayed this long. It’s over new.

Level Two

I’ve made it to Level Two!

I started this blog in May 2010:
Just to see how long I could keep it going for
Just to see if anyone would call by to read
Just to see if I could write about almost anything
Just to see if I could try to add a Feel Good vibe to the internet
Just to see if I could write about something different everyday
Just to see if I could create a world within a world
Just to see if I could…

Since May 2010:
I’ve posted at least 1,131 times
I’ve been protected from 12,324 spam comments
I’ve used over 460 megabytes of space
I have over 15,000 comments dotted over hundreds of posts
I have over ten a hundred followers
I follow over ten a hundred different blogs
I’ve visited thousands of other blog pages on different sites (millions, even!)
I’ve commented umpteen times here, there and everywhere
I’ve liked tens of thousands of posts and comments
I’ve met some wonderful people, virtually, throughout Blogland

Oh, and I’ve just received 100,000 hits!

Breaking through the 100,000 mark means I’ve now made it to Level Two in this most compelling, diverse, creative, confusing, descriptive, occasionally moving, comical, awe-inspiring computer game to have ever been invented.

I’m addicted to it. I wake in the night thinking of what to write next (I fall asleep soon afterwards and promptly forget again, but hey ho!, I’m not a professional blogger!) I get visited in the early hours by characters wanting me to write about them… I DO ask them why they want me to write their story when there are many other, far better, writers out there – they simply want me to have something to write.

I have a cast of thousands in this head of mine, in this world of mine, in this game of mine, that pop up from time to time, whether in tale or rhyme, which is fine most of the –erm, while…

The Mansion in the Grinds is the setting, in my mind, of the most surreal escape from reality that has most probably ever or never existed. Things go bump in the night, clang in the light, and vanish from sight on a daily basis. Rooms move, views change, times overlap and odd things happen every now and then, but everything is always normal here. Always welcome. Even the oddest of the odd. A surreal reality if ever there was one, but one that always has a Feel Good factor (well, mostly always, anyway!)


So, to start off Level Two, I’ve decided to list my top one hundred thousand reasons why I like blogging so much. Sit back and relax… make a cuppa… it’s a long list!

1) The Escape
2) The joy of writing anything
3) Feeling good at completing a post
4) ‘Meeting’ other bloggers from around the world
5) Making and replying to comments
6) Feeling inspired at least 80% of the time
7) Exercising the brain – it’s the most exercise I get!!!
8) The feeling of adding something different to the world
9) The joy of being creative
10) Reaching spectacular milestones!
11) Adding perspect


99,998) Being able to see the world through other people’s eyes
99,999) Just the enjoyment
100,000) The anticipation of the next 100,000 visits, and the progression to Level Three!

100000 thank you

What was I thinking?

There's no other psychic message, honest!

Do you remember the other day I tried to send a psychic message to all in Blogland? Well, now it’s time for me to reveal what that psychic message was. Don’t hold your breath, or anything, it isn’t as Earth-shattering a message as you may think… although, I wonder if some of you actually picked up the message. Let me know of any strange urges you felt whilst trying to read the post in the comments below (but only blog related urges, please!)

First of all, the pictures had nothing whatsoever to do with the  message on the whole. The pictures read:

THROUGH (dog jumping through a hoop); PICTURES (3 pictures of flowers); I’M (an eye with ‘m added); SEND DING (flying envelope representing send, bell representing ding); A (a circled A);  PSYCHIC (a psychic); MESS (an Eton Mess); AGE (Pisces and Aquarius, representing ‘Age Of’); CAN (garbage can… bin doesn’t work here!); EWE (a ewe); GUESS (Guests with the T crossed out); WATT’S (bulb representing watt); BEE (a bee); IN (enter representing ‘in’); GAS K (a gas cylinder with a letter K attached); DEER (a deer).

The sentence reads: Through pictures I’m sending a psychic message, can you guess what’s being asked here?

There are two other, slightly smaller symbols with the photos… the orange like and comment icons. I was simply requesting that you like and comment on the post – it was as subliminal as that! Did you feel a sudden urge to comment? Or like?

And once again, a quick apology. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that jazz! I shall keep my psychic abilities to myself for the foreseeable  future… or until such a time arises when they are needed to be used again – although I can’t say when that will be…