Get your thinking caps on!


Now, before I start, I would like to point out and make it very clear that I am not one for casting aspersions. That said, this post may read as though I’m doing exactly that.

The other day, as I was meandering around the Grinds as usual, I returned to the Mansion to find a note pinned to the very same tree that Maribel was nailed to recently.

The note simply said ‘One of your visitors is behind everything’.

I first read it and thought that it wasn’t possible… but the more I thought of it, the more likely it could actually be. I mean to say, everyone who visits here knows roughly the layout of the Mansion. Visitors here are the only ones to know about the content of the Jar deep inside the Catacombs. Visitors here only know about the ever changing views from the windows, and could easily have built that brick wall outside the Vestibule window… I thought at first to stop the views from being seen… but then, what if it was to stop them (the culprit) being spotted entering the cellar? (OK, I know it’s flimsy, especially as they could actually have been spotted building the brick wall in the first place – but they weren’t).

So, the note got me thinking.

And Halloween is coming up quite soon now, and I needed an Interactive Idea for this year’s post… so, combining the two, I hereby present my Halloween Challenge!

Using the contact form below, please write, in as few or as many words as possible, your excuse alibi reasons why it couldn’t possibly be you. As I obviously know that it couldn’t possibly be any of the fine visitors who come here, please feel free to make your explanations as far-fetched as possible; and if I get enough replies I shall create a poll to ask all of my visitors to vote on the most unlikely. The post with the unlikely alibis will be posted on Halloween, obviously linking to each contributor, as I like sharing things around here. The poll, should there be enough entries, shall be published in about a week’s time (extending Halloween into November, but never mind about that!)

So, I hope you can join in with this random Halloween challenge and get writing some far-fetched-fiction. As usual, it’s only for fun, and there isn’t a prize (apart from possibly winning the poll, that is)

I look forward to receiving your Unlikely Alibis…

View from the window: Gone

Everything’s gone. The outside. The inside. I managed to capture this snap of the window before it went. Wrote it into Live Writer and posted it before that evaporated too. Went to click the mouse and my finger went through it. And the table. And the floor. Managed to grab a hold of my laptop to write the rest of this post. What there is of it. Typing with one hand on a laptop at speed whilst trying to hold on to reality with the other isn’t easy. Even with an accomplished Innr Typist. Erm… ah… whatever.

I’m surrounded by

In Stasis

Oops. Apologies, the scheduled posts appear to have run out. Or have been deleted by an ‘unknown’ hand. Hmmm indeed. Don’t worry, I’ll get them back on track soon. In the meantime, why not submit your Unlikely Alibi for Halloween (if you haven’t already done so, that is…)? Normal service should definitely be returned by then. Fingers crossed.

And equally hopefully, I should be able to get back to visiting your blogs again soon… in the meantime, I must tinker. And try to find Maribel… perhaps she has the key…

Wine Taster

The red wine was warm, sweet and sickly.

Not to his taste at all, although he pretended to enjoy it. He smiled at his companion after taking another sip. He liked this part of the chase; the teasing. He knew he would be quenching his real thirst very shortly.

Another filler for today; a repost; a taster for Halloween. Well, we do need a hint of vampire every now and then to spice things up…

The Hex Factor

Toil and trouble
It’s trickery we bubble
As we boil and chant and sway

With eyeballs and newts
And cobwebs and fruits
We welcome the Special Day

We gather together
To discuss the weather
And who should become a frog

We plan and we plot
To come up with a spot
To appear on this very blog

We use magic and spells
And shriek lots of Hells Bells!
Mixed in with some cackling laughter

But only to prove
That we’re in the groove
And we all have the mighty Hex Factor.

More nonsense, I’m afraid. It’ll soon be over… not long now until November!

The Superhero Diaries 2.10: Chaos Strewn

During an immense intergalactic battle outside the EFB’s Secret Headquarters, one super heroine found herself embroiled in a battle all her very own. Muriel Magnificent, having discovered a hidden letter in the brickwork under the stairs, had finally managed to retrieve a second part of the letter, so hidden  and entombed within the bricks and mortar it took almost all of her magnificent strength to retrieve it..

Thinking it was a continuation of the previous part, she soon realised just how wrong she was.

My dear comradez from the future,

Thank you once again for your kind azziztance in our latezt battle with the Pumpkin Gang. One day, we will ztop them, but our time iz not quite ready for your technology, nor for the alien technology that the Pumpkin Gang have chozen to uze. We will fight to keep them at bay, but they alwayz manage to evade complete capture. Perhapz one day we will ztop them… and perhapz you already know all about that.

I write thiz in 1925; and I will place it into a time capzule to be zecured in our time locked vaultz once written for zafe-keeping, and hopefully, for your azziztance zhould you need it.

Az well az the Pumpkin Gang, we have been battling a magickal daemon by the name of Ganthenex. El Pizzazz and I were involved with thiz particular battle, that took uz all the way around the world to a ztrange izland known locally az Middlehaven Izle. The odd thing about thiz izland iz that it izn’t rooted to one place. We arrived when it waz in the Americaz, and the following morning we awoke to find ourzelvez over in the Far Eazt.

Ztrangely, we were alzo there with a young Queen Victoria, who helped uz immenzely az zhe haz had dealingz with Ganthenex in her time. Juzt how zhe managed to find herzelf in 1925 iz a myztery to uz all at prezent, juzt az the arrival of the EFB a few weekz earlier waz to uz, although now we know it waz cauzed by a malfunction in an alien zpacecraft az theze letterz were dizcovered in your time.

Ganthenex iz a daemon invoked by a certain rhyme, and can only be invoked when certain circumztancez are aligned, circumztancez involving a pzychic, a cave beneath a Zhire, and an ancient book. Az with any kind of magic, the rhyme iz an incantation, zo if any of theze zituationz do fall together be very wary az to when or how the rhyme iz read.

Unfortunately, we do not know when theze eventz will fall together, az we have zpecifically azked not to remember anything of our future, az Queen Victoria azked of uz regarding herz, and all we can do iz leave theze letterz in the hope that they are found at the right time.

Middlehaven Izle iz the place to go for the counter-incantation for Ganthenex’z invocation, but again it iz hidden within a dizc zomewhere upon the magical izle. Az you know, the only way to fight magic iz with magic, on magical zoil.

If Ganthenex haz been invoked, be prepared for the onzlaught of chaoz. You’ll zoon notice ztrange thingz ztarting to happen. Zubtle thingz, differencez that you think odd at firzt but gradually get uzed to them.

Be on your guard, EFB. If you get a chance to vizit Middlehaven, we ztrongly recommend you go. Look for the dizc. Uze it. Ganthenex crozzez timez and dimenzionz, and if invoked will cazt chaoz everywhere.

Queen Victoria and the Imperial Force of Great Britain wizh you well with your – and our – future endeavourz.

Pleaze remember the zubtle changez. Notice them, and take note.

Until we meet again,

Miztrezz De Leur.