One Minute Ramble: Cool Day

The first ten seconds of this One Minute Ramble is taken up by reiterating what this post is actually about. Well, it is now. A cool day.

The next ten seconds is the introduction to the post. A hook. A teaser. A line that says why should I continue reading? Read on and see.

The next ten seconds is is the first line of the post. Today, is a cool day. A cool, cool day. The first ten second line above isn’t the first line of the post. Well, it isn’t now.

The next ten seconds of this post is the question. What’s so cool about today? Is it a good cool, a cool cool, a frosty cool or a different kind of cool entirely?

The next ten seconds of this post is the answer I would give. Cool! No heat! No hot. Yesterday was cool as it was cool. Let today be cool also.

The last ten seconds of this post is the wrap up. Hope you have a cool, cool day too today. These One Minute Rambles are getting worse.

Ten seconds into added time, and the One Minute Ramble is still going strong. This has only been added in case abyone is a quick reader, and the above took less than a minute to read. It took longer than a minute to type. I’m utilising Fingers, you see, my Inner Typist. One letter forwards and two backspaces back.

Twenty seconds into extra time, and I’m still trying to spot some of Fingers’ typos. I think I’ve got them all now. Luckily, I’d spotted and changed the title before publishing. He’d typed ‘Fool’!

Thirty seconds into extra time and I’m wondering if the hook in paragraph two was strong enough. Maybe I should go back and change it. There, done.

Forty seconds into extra time, and I have a confession to make. I didn’t change paragraph two at all. I’m not sure if it was worth continuing reading, but at this point it’s too late.

Fifty seconds into extra time, and I’m feeling guilty for wasting not one minute, but two minutes of time.

Sixty seconds into extra time, and I’m feeling quite pleased with myself and Fingers. We’ve typed a One Minute Ramble about nothing into Two Minutes. We think that’s cool.

Well, I think it’s cool.

Like today.

A cool day.


Patience is a virtue. Quite literally.

Back in the day of ancient Roman times, Patience was Patientia, the personification of endurance, patience, the ability to weather storms.

Patientia appeared seated on an old Roman coin of Hadrian’s, a denarius to be precise. She didn’t appear on many, as she wasn’t very popular with the folk back then, wasn’t Patientia, and her name was quickly replaced by Indulgentia.

Indulgentia, I must add, doesn’t appear to be a virtue, but she appears to have been well used on a lot of coins featuring different Roman Emperors. I  was guided by Patientia to find the two images above on- line – at first I couldn’t find a single one. They’re not very clear, but Patientia’s name can just be made out.

Needless to say, with a little patience my search brought me the result I was looking for.

Patientia is also a minor planet within our Solar System. An asteroid to be precise, which measures approximately 180 miles in diameter. It can be found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where it orbits the Sun. Patientia is one of the larger asteroids in the belt.

Patientia, the asteroid, was discovered on December 4th 1899 by Auguste Honoré Charlois, a French astronomer who discovered a further 98 asteroids in his lifetime.

On the Patientia coins above, around the right-hand side, is the inscription AVGVSTI; or Augusta, the female equivalent to the male Augustus, or Emperor. Meaning, basically, Empress, it was also used for other female members of the royal Roman households back in the day, and for the odd female deity or two.

And, temporarily it seems, the Augusta title was also awarded to Patientia.

To me, it stands to reason that the Patientia asteroid should be discovered by someone called Auguste. But then again, I’m always looking for links, especially where history is concerned. It may just be one of those strange coincidences over time, but I like the link.

And all discovered whilst looking for patience.

A deity. An asteroid. And a virtue.

Introducing Patience

From this day on, I shall be mindful of just how patient I am.

It isn’t as though I’m impatient, although at times I am, I’ll admit it. Usually when I’m waiting, or wanting to get things done, or frustrated when waiting for something to be done.

I’m more patient than impatient, but I intend to become even more patient. I intend to become the embodiment of patience.

Almost saintly, in fact.

I have to say almost, because there are other areas of my life that I can improve upon.

And I will.

All in good time.


Started already.

The Faces in the Bottle Top

A bit of a spooky one, this one.

You know how I often see faces in trees and bushes and the like, the Spirit of the Trees as I call them, and on occasion I see faces and animals within the clouds, or Spirit of the Sky, well today I’ve discovered even more spirits… in a bottle top.

And not the normal spirits you’d expect to find in a bottle either.

I was getting some photographs ready for Halloween, as you do in the middle of a scorching hot summer, and had the inspired thought to try and make a bottle top look like a crystal ball.

Yes, I know it’s an odd thing to think about trying to achieve, but all things considered it actually turned out quite well… even if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I was checking the image, just to make sure that there wasn’t a reflection of yours truly in there, when I noticed a face over to one side – which definitely wasn’t me. And then I saw another. And then one in the middle.

The first one I saw, bizarrely, reminded me of the Mona Lisa painting, but this face shares the space with another one, and they keep fading in and out with each other. The one in the middle looks quite sinister, but I’m going to say merely curious, rather than judging a book by its cover. Some folk think I’m grumpy when they first see me – it’s just a look I have on occasion. And sometimes they’re right. I can be grumpy at times. I’m not now though.

Anyway, moving on. I can also make out a Phoenix in the sphere… which is rather uncanny considering all the waffling I’ve been doing about them over the past few days.

Here’s the image… see what you think, maybe you can see more than what I can.

Here’s the image again, with the faces that I can see highlighted…

I’ve just noticed that how I’ve highlighted the faces appears to spell the word ‘goo’ but that is purely coincidental. And G8, but I’m not going there.

It’s the Mona Lisa image I’m mostly concerned with, as her appearance changes when I look at it. She becomes older – and then younger at the same time. Could she be someone from another realm peering out through her mystic portal – which just happens to have connected with my bottle top – and can she see me looking back?

Do I need to retire to a darkened room? Am I being overcome by the heat? Or am I seeing the Spirit of the Bottle Top?

Sweltered Selfie

What does one do when one awakes at one twenty-three in the morning and simply can’t sleep?

Does one lie there and hope to drop off?

Does one put some relaxing music on?

Does one do that pile of ironing?

Does one vacuum the rooms (or get the staff to do it anyway, when they can be found)?

Does one toss and turn, and turn and toss, in the hope of finding that magical, COOL, comfortable sleep position?

Or does one do something else?

This one, he does something else.

He grabs his mobilius phonius, switches on the camera, takes a trip to the sauna bathroom (which is usually a lot cooler than anywhere else as it has no windows) and decides to take a warts and all Selfie, there and then. Only, from the back.

Have you ever tried to take a Selfie of yourself from the back, without getting any extraneous fingers and thumbs in the shot whilst also attempting to get some kind of decent picture to capture the moment? It isn’t as easy as it sounds, although I managed this one first time. What can I say?

I blame it on being very tired and very hot.

Not that you can tell from the Selfie. Oh no, that’s an image of coolness, that is. The shine’s just erm… reflection from the… yes.

And I really thought it would have been from the back, but it appears I’m not as much the contortionist I thought I was after all. I shall be sticking to my regular style of Selfies in future. There’s too much face in the ones from the back.

Which Phoenix? That Phoenix!


The more you delve, the more convoluted it becomes. The more answers you find, the more questions you ask. Links appear and disappear like clockwork, characters crawl out of the woodwork and connections that you wouldn’t expect to exist appear within the framework.

Everything and everyone in his, her or its place. And somebody else’s as well, it seems.

Take Phoenix for example.

Now, take another one. And add in a third.

I very often write about Phoenix the bird; well, less often than very often, but there you go. I’m fascinated by legendary and mythological creatures such as these, and dragons and wyverns. I don’t know that much about them, but I love delving into pages of facts and piecing bits of information together. I never seem to get the information I’m looking for, but the snippets I come across are just as good.

In China, they had their own Phoenix. Two of them, actually: one was male and the other female. They probably had more than just the two, but we’ll leave that for now. The male version was called Feng, and the female version Huang. They were huge birds, that looked like composites of other animals all mixed into one. Over time, the two sexes ‘merged’ and the bird became wholly female, known as Fenghuang, and became the female ‘partner’ in the ‘marriage’ between the ‘Phoenix’ and the Dragon. Strictly speaking, the Fenghuang isn’t a Phoenix, but has become to be known as such.

One good thing about the Fenghuang, well many good things truth be told, is that they are omens of great fortune, and represent peace, virtue and compassion amongst other things.

The legends of Greek Mythology, well some of them, also carry tales of compassion and fortune, and possibly even peace, considering the battles and wars they had, curses and counter-curses and other carryings on.

Phoenix, a person this time, was a charioteer during the Trojan War. The son of Amyntor and father-figure and friend of Achilles, he was blinded by his father for purportedly having a bit of a fling with his father’s mistress, at the request of his mother, Cleobule. The fling was all nonsense, apparently, and eventually Phoenix’s sight was restored by Cheiron, the wisest Centaur (before Centaurs became half-man half-bull, they were savage-like people living rough in the hillside of Thessaly).

See what I mean about characters appearing out of the woodwork and unexpected connections? It’s better to expect the unexpected, I say.

Another Phoenix, and the one I’m more familiar with was King of the Phoenicians, and he named the historic African country of Phoenicia after himself. This Phoenix was the son of Agenor and Telephassa (or Telephe), and he was the father of Adonis, who fell head over heels for Aphrodite.  Aphrodite’s son, incidentally, Aenaes, was one of the few Trojan survivors when the city of Troy fell…

So, putting two and two together, there is a slight chance that these two Phoenixes would have existed at the same time. The ‘people’ Phoenixes, that is. The Firebird and the Fenghuang could possibly have also existed at the same time, so that’s now four Phoenixes we’re dealing with.

I think I’ll end here, for fear that another one will appear through some mystical fold in mythology. Stranger things have happened!

The post that wasn’t; or almost was

This isn’t the post that was originally scheduled to be posted today. If this was the post that was originally scheduled for today, it wouldn’t look like this. It wouldn’t read like this. And it wouldn’t have this picture:

In fact, the post that was scheduled today didn’t even have an image to go with it, so this post doubly makes up for the fact that it replaces the post that should have been posted.

The post that should have been posted was nowhere near as informative as this post, and slightly less fun.

All in all, I think it’s better that this post was posted today, rather than the post that this post replaces. The replaced post may never be posted; or it may be re-written and posted in a slightly different way. Or, it may be posted as it was originally intended before it was replaced by this post, or, it may be replaced again. Will we ever get to know?

I’ll keep you posted.

Blame the heat…