Caught in the act

Ancient laughter echoes
Through the mists of time
As the crypt is opened
When midnight starts to chime

The heavy door creaks open
Freeing spiders, bugs, and more
As suddenly a hand
Reaches out across the floor

The bony arm that follows
Bandaged loosely becomes free
But it’s the groan from within the crypt
That causes them to flee

Chancer, thief and vagabond
Thought riches within their grasp
But as the body steps forward
They can’t help themselves, but gasp

Hypnotised and frozen,
Rooted to the spot
One of them manages to say aloud
”You said we’d not get caught…”

Ancient laughter echoes
Around the vault once more
But where it contained one mummy
The crypt now oddly contains four

Methinks the Witch is gone…

…I only think it, however. Can’t say for definite!!!

How can you tell if a spell’s been lifted? Oh, I say unto thee…

1. Things start to appear normal

2. Things start to look different

3. Things start to feel familiar

4. Things start to feel easier

5. Things seem to feel better

However, when one is under a spell the same applies, so not really much difference there then.

You may think things look a little different around here as well… and you may be right. Methinks.


Maybe the Witch hasn’t gone after all.

How could we tell?

Back (In Time)

I’m back. In Time.
I’m back in time.
I’m… back in time.

I don’t know where I was, but if I’m back in time it sounds as though I’ve been to the future, wouldn’t you say? Maybe so. Maybe not. (I didn’t get the Lottery numbers if I had…)

But we went back in time an hour on Sunday morning. Our clocks. We Fell Back.

That brought me back. Or reality back. Or something. That extra hour.

But as we set our clocks back in time, I was brought back in time. The Mansion, The Grinds. Quite luckily, I’d say, considering all of the odd stuff that’s been happening all around here. So, Halloween isn’t cancelled. It’s not even delayed.

Scheduled posts should resume as normal. Comments and visits will follow shortly.

Subject to further reality shifting events, that is. And Solar Flares. I believe they’re quite rampant at present.

View from the window: Gone

Everything’s gone. The outside. The inside. I managed to capture this snap of the window before it went. Wrote it into Live Writer and posted it before that evaporated too. Went to click the mouse and my finger went through it. And the table. And the floor. Managed to grab a hold of my laptop to write the rest of this post. What there is of it. Typing with one hand on a laptop at speed whilst trying to hold on to reality with the other isn’t easy. Even with an accomplished Innr Typist. Erm… ah… whatever.

I’m surrounded by

In Stasis

Oops. Apologies, the scheduled posts appear to have run out. Or have been deleted by an ‘unknown’ hand. Hmmm indeed. Don’t worry, I’ll get them back on track soon. In the meantime, why not submit your Unlikely Alibi for Halloween (if you haven’t already done so, that is…)? Normal service should definitely be returned by then. Fingers crossed.

And equally hopefully, I should be able to get back to visiting your blogs again soon… in the meantime, I must tinker. And try to find Maribel… perhaps she has the key…